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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello. Goodbye.

Yes, first I'll start with a hello....to the lovely hive. *Hello!* The last time you saw me I did a mini recap of the Honey wedding. Since then, I've been writing, then avoiding, this post more times than I care to admit.

But here it is, the dreaded farewell post. Fifteen months after my introduction post, ten months after we said "I Do" and two months since my last post. Yup, the time is right.

Being a part of the Weddingbee community did amazing things for our wedding...but also for my life post-wedding. This community is one creative bunch! I have the hive and all of it's members to thank for inspiring so many parts of my wedding, for encouraging me when the inspiration was lacking. I always figured I would simply buy everything from invitations to decorations, but oh no, my wedding day vision completely transformed the day after I got engaged and began following Weddingbee. Now that I'm all married up, this creativity-that sparked from wedding planning-has found a new outlet; homemade cards and gifts are now a staple item coming out of the Honey home.

Creativity and inspiration aside, the support and encouragement this community offers to bride-to-bees is above and beyond what I could even put into words. I admit I became consumed with wedding planning, and I always knew that I had a place to go when Mr. Honey or my friends and family just were tired of hearing about those damn yarn spheres or dessert plates. And for that I'm (as I'm sure they are too) oh-so thankful.

We all end up here because we are in love and planning a wedding...I can't count the times I've pointed a newly-engaged friend or a bride in planning to the 'Bee because I just love it here. Wedding planning would not have been nearly as much fun, productive or creative without this community!

Thank you so much for following along and reading about Mr. Honey & I...for listening to our story, looking at our pictures and for sharing your thoughts. Know that every.single.comment was read, and taken to heart. There's nothing quite like receiving so many amazing thoughts from people all over the world!

I still visit the Hive every day, I've acquired a new appreciation for weddings and just love seeing all our new Bees pop into the hive. I'm currently taking a hiatus from blogging, but you better believe I'll be back to announce if there's ever a Honey blog down the road!

When I wrote my first post, I finished with a quote from Winnie the Pooh, so it seems fitting to finish my last post quoting the honey-loving bear again.

"How Lucky I Am to Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard"
And with that, *Goodbye.*


All pictures by Zak Fleming Photography.

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