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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello. Goodbye.

Yes, first I'll start with a hello....to the lovely hive. *Hello!* The last time you saw me I did a mini recap of the Honey wedding. Since then, I've been writing, then avoiding, this post more times than I care to admit.

But here it is, the dreaded farewell post. Fifteen months after my introduction post, ten months after we said "I Do" and two months since my last post. Yup, the time is right.

Being a part of the Weddingbee community did amazing things for our wedding...but also for my life post-wedding. This community is one creative bunch! I have the hive and all of it's members to thank for inspiring so many parts of my wedding, for encouraging me when the inspiration was lacking. I always figured I would simply buy everything from invitations to decorations, but oh no, my wedding day vision completely transformed the day after I got engaged and began following Weddingbee. Now that I'm all married up, this creativity-that sparked from wedding planning-has found a new outlet; homemade cards and gifts are now a staple item coming out of the Honey home.

Creativity and inspiration aside, the support and encouragement this community offers to bride-to-bees is above and beyond what I could even put into words. I admit I became consumed with wedding planning, and I always knew that I had a place to go when Mr. Honey or my friends and family just were tired of hearing about those damn yarn spheres or dessert plates. And for that I'm (as I'm sure they are too) oh-so thankful.

We all end up here because we are in love and planning a wedding...I can't count the times I've pointed a newly-engaged friend or a bride in planning to the 'Bee because I just love it here. Wedding planning would not have been nearly as much fun, productive or creative without this community!

Thank you so much for following along and reading about Mr. Honey & I...for listening to our story, looking at our pictures and for sharing your thoughts. Know that every.single.comment was read, and taken to heart. There's nothing quite like receiving so many amazing thoughts from people all over the world!

I still visit the Hive every day, I've acquired a new appreciation for weddings and just love seeing all our new Bees pop into the hive. I'm currently taking a hiatus from blogging, but you better believe I'll be back to announce if there's ever a Honey blog down the road!

When I wrote my first post, I finished with a quote from Winnie the Pooh, so it seems fitting to finish my last post quoting the honey-loving bear again.

"How Lucky I Am to Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard"
And with that, *Goodbye.*


All pictures by Zak Fleming Photography.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inspiration vs. Reality: Honey Style

Hi Hive! It's been awhile, heh? I got married, knocked out my recaps and even shared the Honey budget with you only to fall off the face of the earth blog. Yup, life happened...lots of good married life stuff! I thought I'd pop back in with a few more things before writing my final post, because even though I was over my own wedding, I just can't quit the 'Bee!!

I figured the best way for me to re-join the hive after a few months hiatus would be to take on the Inspiration vs. Reality series. Perhaps a memory walk down the Honey wedding planning lane (woah, say that three times fast)...
Mr. Honey and I decided on a Colorado winter wedding, with our venue sitting on the very lake where Mr. Honey proposed. I had visions of a rustic yet whimsical affair, with hopes of fresh snow on our wedding day. After securing our venue, which allowed for our request of having our dog be allowed at the space, I nailed down our off beat color scheme of Navy, Gray and Peach. I jumped on the best wedding train yet, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and put faith in all eight of my girls to find their best navy dress. My wedding dress was the second dress I ever tried on, and even though I had moments of second guessing, the final result was exactly as I envisioned. The outfits for my groom and his men fell into place rather easily and my decision for flower girl attire was even simpler. I dove into the DIY world and became the bride with a craft room so I could make yarn spheres, dessert plates, glitter jars, my garter, and even all our paper pieces. Wedding details came together as my mom and I designed our tablescapes, our best man & Mr. Honey contributed by collecting rocks to contribute to our rock guest book, my dad hand built our wedding arch and I created our mailbox that would double as our card box. I slowly collected all the pieces of my bridal attire from the cardigan to the jewelry. I realized my anemone dream would come true and Mr. Honey's dream of plentiful BBQ became a reality. In the final weeks before the wedding, we created our ceremony and before we knew it our friends and family where gathering to celebrate our love with us as the perfect Colorado snow storm blanketed our wedding day.

Whew! Thanks for following along as I reminisced and remembered just how much work goes into the day!

Of course I had a vision from day one, and to say it's gratifying to see the vision come together is an understatement. It's hard to narrow down your entire wedding down to a few key details, so I stuck with original ideas that I was able to bring to life, which also happened to be some of my most favorite details.

Honey Wedding Inspiration:
Allure 8806 via Allure Bridals / Puppy Dog by Luster Studios / Cardigan Bride by Shannon Nicole Smith Photography / Whimsical Arch via Elizabeth Anne Designs by Apertura Photo / Yarn Spheres via Oh My! Creative / Burlap Table Design via Style Me Pretty by Carrie Paterson / Navy Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses via Style Me Pretty by Watson Studios / Groomsmen via Ruffled by Katie Day Photography / Anemone Bouquet via Southern Living by Q Weddings / Flower Girls in Tutus via The Knot by Millie Hollowman Photography / Rock Guest Book via Polka Dot Bride by Ira Lipke Studios / Outside Winter Ceremony via Rockway Glen

So, how did we do?!

Honey Wedding Reality:
All Photos by Zak Fleming Photography
 Mrs. Honey becomes a bride in Allure 8806 / Zeus walks the aisle and rocks a tie /  Mrs. Honey wanders in the snow, thankful for that cardigan! / Ceremony arch set up / Yarn spheres decorated the reception space / Burlap table runners showcasing our taplescapes / The Honey bridesmaids pose in their mismatched dresses and cowboy boots / Mr. Honey and his groomsmen look styl-ee in their suits / A close up of my grocery store bought Anemone bouquet / The three flower girls lovin' their tutu's! / Hand collected rocks for our guest book  / Our snowy ceremony space

I think we did pretty good! In our opinion, we had just the wedding we wanted: fun, casual, and affordable. Everything else was just details that helped contribute to the atmosphere we wanted to provide that day.

I love details as much as the next bride, but it's so easy to focus on the material 'things' that people will see at your wedding; these are the details that are natural to envision and put a picture with...but it's the non-material feeling you are left with after W-day that you can't put into a vision board- a husband/wife, a marriage. And I love that feeling :) With that being said, I could not have had my vision come together better without the use of the inspiration board!

Married Bees, how did your inspiration vs. reality turn out? Bees in planning, are you using inspiration boards to help guide your vision? Where have you found to be the best place to make inspiration boards?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Honey Budget

I shared our budget mantra with the hive way back in September. The idea that we'd spend money as it came in worked for us but I have been so curious to see just how much we ended up spending on our shin-dig. I chose not to monitor as we went, but kept receipts so I could tally the total after we had fully enjoyed the party we threw. We set our goal pretty loosely, under ten thousand. Here's how our (lack of a) budget broke down.

Venue: Vallecito Lake Community Center
$1000 (plus a $500 deposit which we got 100% back)

The inside, set up for the reception

The outside, set up for the ceremony

The venue included full use of the kitchen, the tables and chairs and any small appliances available (coffee pot, warmers, etc.). We were left to provide plates, linens, silverware, etc. When we booked the venue we were happy that we got a blank slate to work with, even though it was extra work. We did get to set up Friday and take down Sunday so really the cost covered 3 days of use!

Photography: Zak Fleming Photography

Our photographer, rockin' a pink fleece in the middle of the snow storm!

We were so thankful to get him on such short notice...and on top of that he gave us a phenomenal deal and worked with our super minimal budget. It included the full day of shooting, plus the additional day of shooting family pictures. Trust me when I say we are grateful!

Officiant: Free!

Officiant Mark gives a thumbs up...we give a thumbs up for a special (and free) Officiant!

We were fortunate to have Mark, someone very close to us officiate our wedding, keeping the cost at zero. Dinners with Mark now have an extra special meaning!

Food: Serious Texas BBQ

Deciding to have Serious Texas BBQ for our dinner could not have been a better choice! This included our meat selections, sides and sauces. Serious Texas provided the bulk of our food, along with sweet tea. However they technically aren't a catering company so we purchased separately the baked potato bar toppings (cheese, sour cream and butter), sodas, bottled water, coffee and creamer, etc.
Rehearsal Dinner: Domino's Pizza

That's a whole lotta pizza!/Personal Picture

We absorbed the cost of the rehearsal dinner and for that price, we were happy to! This included 20 varieties of pizza; my mom made some appetizers and we did tap the Tecate keg that night. It was hosted at my parents rental house so there was no extra fee for renting a space.

"Linens": City Market & PartyAtLewis.com
Personal Picture

Paper linens to be exact. We provided all the "linens", plates and silverware, cups and napkins (since the venue didn't provide them and we didn't use an actual catering company for food). Now, our wedding was on the casual side so plastic plates and silverware, and paper napkins were a-okay with us. If you are looking for an alternative to the normal wedding food ware, here's how ours broke down.
  • Tablecloths: 12 packages (2 per package, so total of 24) of linen-like tablecloths from City Market; they were rectangular and fit our tables perfectly, $48.78
  • Dinner Plates: 9 packages (20 per package) of fancy square plastic plates from City Market, $37.71
  • Dessert Plates: 200 from PartyAtLewis.com, $23.13
  • Dinner Napkins: 250 from PartyAtLewis, $12.87
  • Cocktail Napkins: 500 from PartyAtLewis, $13.14
  • Mixed silverware: 180 from City Market, $23.94
  • Dessert Forks: 2 packages from City Market, $9.85
  • Cups: I failed to mark down the quantity of each type, oops, so this covers small plastic cups for wine, normal keg sized cups and foam cups for coffe, $32.63
PartyAtLewis.com was great because they had the perfect shade of navy blue to match our wedding colors. Of course I had to dress up our plastic ware somehow and so I wrapped a set of plastic ware in one of the dinner napkins and tied it with leftover twine from our invitations, 180 of them. I felt better having plastic ware once they were a little cuter! This category also includes the burlap runners my mom created from 20 yards of burlap, for $51.29.

This is clearly later in the night...the sign is knocked off and there are plenty of empty bottles but full cups atop the bar!

We provided our own alcohol and made it an open bar (this prevented us from having to do a liquor license). We had three kegs: Tecate, Durango Wheat and Ska Pinstripe. We purchased 24 bottles of Sweet White wine and 36 bottles of Sweet Red wine, both Oak Leaf from Walmart ($2.77 per bottle!). Mr. Honey made the cocktail which included rum and pineapple juice with a splash of Grenadine or Midori. At the last minute we bought $60 worth of Two Buck Chuck from Traders Joe's. Our bartender was a girlfriend of a friend who refused to be paid, until I finally slipped her a measly $40 and obviously all of the tips from the evening (which I think was around $60). To this day we are still drinking bottles of wine that was leftover!

DJ's: Stand Alone Entertainment

The original cost was five hours of spin time for $600, but we tacked on an extra hour for $50. They did the pre-ceremony music, ceremony music and the dance party. They rocked the house and it was so fun to have DJ's that I've know for so long!

Mrs. Honey's Look

This included my wedding dress and alteration, including the bustle, my cardigan and all my accessories, the specific make up I purchased and getting my hair done. Obviously my dress was the bulk of this cost.

Mr. Honey's Look

We got Mr. Honey's pants, vest and shirt all from Kohl's on a buy one get one free special (we got all the guys suits this way) so it saved us a ton of money! For all three pieces, that he got to keep, it was right at $100. His skate shoes were $20, his tie was $10 and he did have to have his shirt altered at the last minute for $25 (wish my alterations were that cheap!).

Zeus's Look:

You all know how proud we were of having our doggy at the ceremony, so ten bucks for that tie was a cheap price to pay for being insistent on having him there. That tie is now his and he will be wearing it for special occasions!

Our Rings: Kay Jewelers

This was a little more then we planned on spending due to the last minute ring trade up we encountered when trying to find a band for my original engagement ring. It was worth it though, I still stare, oogle, and drool over my set!!

Lodging: Mountain Serenity via VRBO
Image via VRBO

This included our cost of the VRBO home (since it was shared with a few other people) and Mr. Honey's portion of the dude house from Friday night.

Flowers: City Market Floral

Personal Picture

I ordered 8 bunches of 20 stems of anemones for the bouquets, boutonnieres and the centerpieces. This also included floral tape and corsage pins. We were lucky to have a good friend who works with flowers volunteer her time to put together all the flowers! Anemones are so popular right now and they tend to be quite expensive, I had my little heart set on them from day one but never thought it would be possible...with a little floral investigating however, it certainly was!

Dessert: City Market Bakery
Personal Picture

Since we did a dessert buffet with the majority of treats being baked by loved ones, I only had to purchase a single layer red velvet cake for $10.99. The other costs include our pet topper and the materials I bought to make all of the dessert stands.


We paid $8 for the permit and the rest was for parts to assemble the arch together. Fortunately we didn't have to pay my dad for man hours :)

Wedding Party Gifts

This is for the gifts for 8 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, 3 parents and 1 officiant. It does include my super fancy packaging as well!

Paper Elements: Designed, Created and Assembled by yours truly

Our simple Save the Dates:

And our DIY Invitations:

Stone Guest Book & Mailbox

Stones were obviously free, but markers, a basket, vases and the mailbox all contributed to this cost.

Fleece Throws

2 of my cousins making good use of the fleece throws/Personal Picture

My mom picked up 28 fleece blankets the week after Christmas for huge discounts, I'm talking $1.50 or $2 per blanket! It was a nice touch and they got used during our snowy ceremony! We wrapped each blanket with twine and had them displayed in old troughs, there's not photographic evidence of how cute it was because they got snatched up so quickly!

Wedding Decor Crafting Supplies

Showing off the spheres and jars on the tables 

This section of the budget was the hardest to total up and includes only specific supplies for the wedding: like 7 bundles of yarn or color specific glitter and fabric for the flowers I made. I didn't keep track of glue runners or glue sticks. I didn't include items like the paper cutter or heart hole punch; mainly because Hobby Lobby does a really bad job of identifying what items are on the receipts (craft supply is a very general descriptor!). But also because those are things I've found uses for aside from wedding crafting. Admittedly, this section is probably higher, when I think about just how many glue sticks I went through.
Crafts included here:
Eighty dollars seems so small for the impact the handmade decor made for our celebration!
SO, just where did we come out? The grand total for the Honey Wedding was $10,089.93!

Eighty-nine dollars over ten thousand, not bad. We also came in more than 50% below the average wedding cost in Durango. Honestly, though, this was more than I thought we spent. I know I said "under ten thousand" but we were really hoping for around eight thousand. Where in the heck did we spend the money?? This prompted me to itemize the categories based on amount spent; and the results were...surprising.

It would make sense that category with the most money spent would be the highest priority, right? Usually that is photography or the venue. Well, we spent the most money on rings. RINGS! I never in a million years would have guessed that nearly 24% of our budget would be directed to our- okay lets be real here-my rings. The second highest category was my attire...! 17% of that ten thousand dollars went into what I wore. So, apparently, we spent the money on me. Yowza. I have yet to tell Mr. Honey this ;)

For some perspective: after rings and my attire, came the food, venue, alcohol, DJ's then photography. Yup, you see that correctly, photography was 7th on the list (there are 20 categories on the list). Mr. Honey was in the 11th spot, dessert in the 13th and flowers in the 15th spot. I guess I don't really know what I expected to spend the most money on...but I definitely didn't expect it to be rings. I spent time looking at the proposed budgets set forth by sites like TheKnot, but they were thrown out the window for us. We obviously did not follow any recommendations, we created our wedding the way we wanted to.

That being said, I also think that the rings being in number one is kind of special...everything else from the day has been tossed or stored (with the few exceptions of things on display), but our rings? They are worn every single day and will be for the rest of our lives. The smallest items with the most significance, and the biggest price tags.

Hello, you pretty little expensive things!
Generally, speaking we are content with the money spent on the wedding. Anytime a chunk of money is spent, it's always shocking just where it goes...but our day was absolutely worth every penny!

*Unless otherwise stated, all Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

Married Bees, what category did you spend the most money in? Was it surprising?!
Bees in planning, what category are you focusing the most money on?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Honeys Do: One More Time

In one of my past recap posts I confessed that we didn't get any family pictures on the day of the wedding...the snow storm, even though welcomed, did throw a few wrenches into our day. Our photographer offered to get back together with us sometime the following week to get family pictures taken care of.

We were okay with this because we had decided to keep our family pictures to immediate family only: my parent's, Mr. Honey's dad, my brother and my grandpa. Had we wanted pictures with my whole family (aunts, uncles, first, second & third cousins), this would not have been a plausible solution. Wrangling five people a week later was far easier than twenty-five people.

The next Saturday, also known as our one week anniversary, we went to dinner at my parents house with the intention of getting family pictures on their 12 acres of land. Like the Saturday before, we all put our same clothes on. Unlike the Saturday before we had beautiful weather.

Putting on your wedding dress after the wedding isn't nearly as exciting...maybe it was because I was kind of glad the big day was over? I also forgot the back panel to my dress so I was baring some skin for the family pictures, oops! I did my own hair and tried to replicate my makeup from the big day. Pour Mr. Honey was battling a minor stomach flu but put on a happy face for his new wife and the family. All those obstacles aside, we got our family pictures! Better late then never :)

FIL Honey, Dad Honey, Honey Bro, Mama Honey, Papa and The Honeys

With my parents and brother

With my grandpa!

In front of the barn with our newly combined family...Zak had told us a good joke!

After we got the family shots, Zak took the two of us into the woods to take advantage of the forest and the last bit of light we had left that day. The following two pictures are hands down, our favorite of the entire wedding, which is funny because they weren't even taken on our wedding day!

The one in color above was the one we chose for our thank you cards, and it really threw people for a loop because they remember our day in a snow storm, not beautiful sunshine...so it's fun to have pictures in two different types of weather!

After the sun set that day, I took off my wedding dress for what really would be the last time. This marked the official end to the Honey Wedding.

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honeys Do: So Glad It's Over

Waking up the morning after our wedding was surreal. We both woke up and sighed a huge sigh relief; it was over, the planning, the stress, the spending...it was done. And we were married!

We awoke to the most beautiful morning; the morning after a heavy snowfall is always magical, but this day was our first day of being married so it was extra magical. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the lake and snow were just glistening.

While the morning was absolutely gorgeous, my dress on the other hand was not looking so pretty. Evidence that night was in fact super fun, my poor dress had turned from ivory to dirt-black with beer and wine stains aplenty.

Just as we had to set up our venue, we had to tear it down too. By ten o'clock we were back at our venue, faced with the massive amount of clean up and break down that had to be done. Trash had to be collected, decorations had to be taken down, tables had to be folded and the entire space had to be cleaned. After recounting some of the stories from the previous night and drinking coffee, the groomsmen, our parents and the two of us got to work.

This is when it started...the sentiment that I was so glad it was over. As we collected all those jars I glitzed up by hand and the yarn spheres I was so in love with, I was faced with the question of  "What do you want to do with these?". I quickly realized I didn't have a need for 60 spheres and jars, so I said, "Toss 'em!". My mom thought I was crazy...all that hard work just to toss them!? But really, where in the heck would I store all of that stuff in our little house (as I stared at the mound of huge gifts that had still yet to be opened and also fit into our home)?? I certainly wasn't going to decorate our house with them, and definitely didn't want to hassle with trying to sell them (would anyone even buy something like that?).

So as one groomsmen started snipping the fishing line that held the spheres up, I went around and stomped my beloved spheres. One by one. Until all of them were collapsed into a garbage bag. On to the jars, which got tossed into garbage cans (okay, I kept a few glittery jars that now showcase my scissors and some sharpies) until the bag was overflowing with broken glass and glitter. Drastic? Hash? Maybe...but let me tell you, it felt good. I realize I sound like some sort of crazy devil-bride but I was anxious to get back to doing things. Doing things with my husband. And focusing on the marriage not on the wedding.

Over the next couple weeks, our gifts got put away, the spare bedroom returned to a room with a floor, and our wedding things got put into a basket. One basket. Eventually that basket will be converted to a Rubbermaid and be stored along side our Christmas totes. Here's proof that I'm not all devil-bride though:

Some wedding decor made it in to the house post wedding, of course our stone guest book and mailbox are prominently displayed, but also our yarnograms and the pet topper sit happily in the spare bedroom. Soon there will be pictures to accompany the few leftover wedding things we have.

As for my dress, there was a brief time I thought about taking that lovely fabric and turning it into pillows (I had little hope the stains could be removed), but my mom surprised me by taking her to the cleaners and having her preserved. She was not going to let the dress be turned into measly pillows (but, seriously, is that not a good idea??!). Now, someday I might be able to share my dress with a daughter.

Looking back on the year and a half we were engaged, I spent a lot of time not doing things. Weekends were devoted to wedding crafting. Extra money was dedicated to wedding spending. Free mind space was consumed by wedding dreams. Friends asked me if I was going to go through wedding planning withdrawals, and in all honesty I anticipated it. Much to my surprise, that withdrawal never came.

My husband is a very active person, he was patient with me during our engagement when I would constantly pass up activities in exchange for my glue gun and craft paper...being married has been great for our relationship. We do things together because I'm not in that bubble of planning a wedding. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy that bubble while I was in it, I really did love planning our wedding. But, it is nice to be on the other side now, married and planning other things to do together.

Amongst the new wine glasses, pots and pans, sheets and towels, we were able to get one of our dream purchases (the other was the couch that FIL Honey bought for us) with the money from our very generous guests. It's something we had put the word out about, and made it a goal of ours to be able to do so. A month after our wedding we became proud owners of a cataraft!

St. Patty's Day Maiden Voyage
It's not even officially summer yet and we have already been on the river more times then I can count, including a 3 day river trip on the Colorado River. Being able to share the love of water with my husband is fabulous!
Rafting West Water...my husband on the oars!

We're going to a Rockie's game next month, we've got camping on the brain and I even bought a pass to our ski resort so I can get back on my snowboard this winter! Doing things, that's why I'm glad the wedding is over. The Honeys are loving married life!

So, we were married, our weekend was over and we were relieved, but we celebrated our one week anniversary by getting dressed in our wedding clothes one more time!

Married Bees, did you have a sense of relief when your day was over? Or did you have a withdrawal?

*All personal pictures.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Honeys Do: Just Dance!

With guests getting liquored up, all the wedding formalities checked, and the DJ's ready to spin...it was time, time to Just Dance!

I met with the DJ's a couple days before the wedding where they asked what type of music we wanted. My response was "Hip hop, country, rock, pop, oldies, funk, 80's & 90's,  and dance...just about anything, except punk. No punk music." When he asked for some must play artists, I responded with "Snoop Dogg. There has to be a few Snoop songs. And the mister loves Motley Crue. Oh, and gotta play at least one by George Strait for my parents." All over the board, right? Well the DJ's delivered...they played just about every genre under the sun and there was not a single second of any song that the dance floor wasn't packed. And because pictures of dancing needs little explanation, enjoy the awesome moves of our friends and family (warning: picture heavy)!

There was a whole lot of group dancing...

There was two stepping...

There Was People "Backin' It Up"...

There was scream-singing...

There were kids gettin' down...

It really was a full on dance party!

We still managed to steal plenty of newlywed kisses that evening...

I loved seeing little moments of us throughout the night!

Our friend, L, is the mascot for pure fun in the photo below (in the orange coat)...every time I see it I just smile :)

I stepped away briefly to take a shot of whiskey, cool off, and let go of that damn train for a minute...(all the dancing was making me a sweaty, thirsty bride!)

...and I remember turning around and just being so happy. Aside from the day being a perfect success, I was happy that our dance floor was packed with all our friends and family! I was kneeling down with one of the flower girls at one point, and the floor was literally pulsing from everyone dancing. I wanted a dance party, and a dance party is what we got!

At 9:00 the DJ's asked if we were ready to wind down, Mr. Honey and I both decided it was worth it to pay them for an extra hour. We felt bad, being that the roads were already snow packed and the snow was still falling, but they assured us they would happily stay. That next hour flew by...majority of our guests had left and all that remained was the wedding party and the friends that had planned to stay at the lake.The DJ's played our last song just before 10, which was the runner up for our first dance song, All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar. We all energetically (err, drunkenly) danced to this amazing last song on our wedding day and then it was time to leave the venue...

The last picture snapped of the Honeys on our wedding day!

Photo by GM Steele

Trying to leave the venue was quite hysterical; Mr. Honey had decided to christen the bar with an unopened bottle of wine (oops!), I slipped on my dress and fell all the way to my knees (ouch!), a snowball fight broke out (yikes!) and our cake (yes, the one we never cut because we thought it had already been eaten) was dropped and destroyed (dangit!). The stories from the later part of the night are ones we still laugh and talk about!

Our rental house ended being the location for the after party, so we headed there with about twenty of our friends, and from what I hear, the party didn't stop until the wee hours of the morning. We lasted all of fifteen minutes before we literally snuck away from our own after party and locked ourselves in the master suite upstairs. And suprisingly, we were not phased by the party downstairs; we were exhausted and slept through it all.

Our wedding day was over!

*Unless otherwise noted, all Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography