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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Pro's

Hi, Hive! Remember me? Sorry I've been MIA recently...the Honey's attended BM Scoot's wedding this past weekend and I had the special honor of being a bridesmaid so I got to spend an incredible 5 full days with some of my favorite girls. BM Scoot's wedding is the ninth wedding we have attended since we began dating in 2010...and it was the last wedding we will be attending as an engaged couple. That means the next one is OURS!
Mr. H & I at BM Scoot's Wedding
While my title is a bit of an exaggeration, as we aren't actually pro's, we have had the opportunity to take in so many weddings and learn things from each and every one. I've always been a lover of weddings, but they take on a whole new meaning when you are a bride-to-be yourself and get to attend as a guest or participate as a bridesmaid. It sends bridal brain into stimulation overload, in a good way of course. I have developed a new understanding for what the whole day takes and what the day means.

On an aesthetic level, the effort it takes to plan a wedding is ginormous. Never again will I forget to look at the table numbers or admire the flowers. I will always sign the guest book and I won't forget to take in the feeling the bride has created for her day. I will RSVP immediately and I will admire the invitation suites that the couples put so much effort into. I will never let it slip my mind that this is her perfect wedding. Because every bride and couple is different, every wedding is unique. And perfect.

The nine weddings we have been to have been all over the board, from traditional Catholic or Christian ceremonies to personally scripted ceremonies; lavish affairs to backyard BBQ's; a tented event to a grand ballroom. Whatever the style or decor, whether prime rib or roast chicken...one thing is certain: the couple wakes up engaged and goes to sleep husband and wife. The meaning of a wedding is always the same. It's so easy to get caught up in the planning and let the stress get to you, but in the end it's about the commitment to one another for the rest of your life.

I love Weddingbee and other wedding blogs because it allows us brides in planning to completely consume ourselves with pictures and ideas, and talk weddings non-stop with those who are just as giddy. What I love even more though, is that while each of us have had our moments of being consumed with the material parts of the wedding, in the end we will each be a wife/husband/life partner to our significant other. No matter what kind of wedding we had.

There's one moment at every single wedding that brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my skin. The moment when the bride stands at the top of her aisle, waiting to take that walk to her man who is ready to commit his life to her. It's my favorite tradition and one that doesn't have too many variances. It's the moment I always remember and it's those few seconds that I anticipate the absolute most. Remember how I picked out my 'aisle song' very early on? I've heard it said a million times, but it's like everything and everyone disappears on that walk. While everyone is looking at you, you are looking at him and he is only one that gets to lock eyes with you. I haven't done the walk yet, but I can only imagine how magical that moment is. All details aside, it's your last few steps as a Miss and your first few steps towards making the ultimate commitment. *Chills*
Evidence of my favorite moment at the past 3 weddings: Friend JS, Friend JW and BM Scoot.
We are down to the four month mark and I know I will be overwhelmed with the planning, but whatever gets done and whatever doesn't, does not determine the outcome of our day...becoming husband and wife. Now who can remind me of this when times get tough?!
And just for fun, BM Scoot had favors that I may be a bit partial to:
Honey Favors!
Have you been able to attend weddings as an engaged couple? What is your favorite wedding moment?

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