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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Cure for Cold Shoulders

When we first announced that we would be marrying outside, in January, it seemed the first piece of unsolicited advice thrown my way was what to wear with my wedding dress. "You have GOT to wear a fur stole!" was (and still is) the most common. I didn't even know what a stole was:
Image via Martha Stewart/Photo by Thayor Photo
Ah ha, that's a stole. Without a doubt, gorgeous, but it felt too classic and traditional for me. I think I would feel differently about it if I had one that was passed down from a Grandmother; one with meaning, ya know? I couldn't see myself going out and searching for a fur stole knowing I would never wear it again. 

I turned to my own collection of winter accessories, a la scarves, and was 99% sure this would do the trick:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Jessica Claire/Styled by Jesi Haack

Okay, confession: I was obsessed with this shoot for the first six months of being engaged. I wanted that dress (and her waistline), her flowers and her groom that scarf. After I found my dress and realized my love for statement necklaces, I thought a scarf might be just too much. I needed something simpler. A shout out to our own Mrs. Cardigan who perfectly rocked the, well, cardigan. So, somewhere along the way I decided I would wear a sweet and simple cardigan:
Image via The Brides Hairstylist/Photo by Shannon Nicole Smith Photography

Image via Inspired by This/Photo by Our Labour of Love
Um, side note, I'm pretty sure this is the couple who got to have my dream dessert buffet. Lucky ducks.

Image via Once Wed/Photo by Keefer Photography
I love that cardigans are simple, it won't take away from my detailed dress or the (undecided) statement necklace. It will be the perfect accent to my attire, while of course being functional at the same time. Plus, how cute are bridesmaids in cardigans?
Image via Love and Lavendar/Photo by Courtney Wilson Photography
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Smitten Photography
Since the girls will be in navy dresses, I think gray cardigans would tie them all together (although I'm loving the look of multi colors!). Hmm, bridesmaid gifts?! I will go with either a navy or peach cardigan. With fall clearly in the air here in Colorado, it is the perfect time for cardigan shopping...

What kind of seasonal accessory are you wearing for your big day? Did you receive unsolicited advice in regards to your attire?

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