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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smackerel's of Sweets

Mmm sweets, I've got a big sweet tooth so it's no surprise that I've put just quite a bit of thought into what kind of sweetness we will have at our wedding. I love that we aren't pinned into the cake corner anymore and that nowadays we have many more options as to what smackerel to serve our guests to appease their own sweet tooth. Cakes being the standard, but beautiful choice...I'm drawn to ruffly and Ombre colored cakes that double as a work of art:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Millie Holloman
Knowing that the artsy detailed cake would not fit into our budget, I did what I do best: advised Google for other options. And oh, the options. I was dead set on the cupcake tower last fall. I love the over-the-top look of the display and the ability to provide multiple flavors:
Image via The Knot/Photo by Crystal Genes Photography
Somewhere along the way, though, I lost the love for the full on cupcake tower and was convinced I needed a candy buffet, and this inspiration image keeps slipping into my dreams:

Image via Big Wedding Tiny Budget/Designed by Amy Atlas
My colors, however, do not scream sugary candy-coated goodness. Quick, think of a pretty navy colored candy. No? How about gray? Aside from jelly beans, I was having a hard time coming up with the perfect candy for my palette. Then somehow the wedding God's, as if really feeling my need for the perfect dessert, provided me with this image; the holy grail of wedding desserts:

Image via Ruffled/By Sweet and Saucy

I was immediately smitten; the variety, the sweetness, the display. This picture has since replaced all previous dessert crushes. And, with this image in mind I started off the garage sale season with the hopes of finding an eclectic mix of cake/dessert plates.

Specifically, I don't have the details of what desserts will be displayed, I do know there will be little amounts of quite a few varieties. I'm seeing pies, dipped strawberries, and cookies. And, caramel apples, I really want caramel apples. Oh, yes and cupcakes and candy. It's like the best of all dessert worlds!

Even though we aren't going the traditional wedding cake route, we will still need some sort of purty cake for us to cut-n-smash, right? Thanks to this post from Mrs. Socks, we will be creating this kind of cake:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Red Ribbon Studio
I'm going to have to agree with Mrs.Socks when she says "Ohmygodrockcandycake"! This satisfies my desire for an artsy cake, but because Mama Honey says she will make it and I can stick the candy on, it will be much more affordable. Can I get a woop, woop?! I'm so excited to share my cake plates with you...up next.

Tell me about your sweet treats, hive! Cupcakes, candy, cake? All of the above?

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