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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honeys Do: Our Wedding Week

When I came across Weddingbee, I loved being inspired by the Bee's in planning and seeing so many different kinds of weddings being created. But what really drew me in was the Recaps. When I was freshly engaged and facing the daunting task of creating our wedding, reading the recaps offered a sense of "I can do this", like seeing so many other brides pulling off all their to-do's and DIY's made me feel more confident when facing my own task list. Seeing a project from creation to implementation was right up my alley and I couldn't wait to recap my own wedding (even before I got the honor of Miss Honey, the followers on my blog would have been reading my recaps!) Needless to say, I'm super excited to be starting the Honey Recaps!! Follow along as all the bullet points on my previous planning list get documented in pictures and trips down memory lane.
There was a lot I feel like I didn't address before the wedding, like my hair trial, and that's because a lot of things fell into place the week before the wedding. So lets start there, our wedding week. We both chose to take off the week before the wedding; knowing that Mr. Honey and I wouldn't be taking the week following off for a honeymoon coupled with the inflow of people from out of town, we really wanted to take the time to enjoy everything. I made it a goal of mine to have everything wedding related (besides of course the actual set up of our wedding) done by Thursday.

My week was filled with last minute DIY projects, pampering, relaxing and a whole lot of visiting. I started my Monday by making the.final.to.do.list. A pretty manageable one at that.

From rocks to signs to gifts, putting these final details together wasss...annoying? Tedious? I'll admit that the last of my tasks became half-assed. When earlier I would have fretted if my food sign wasn't perfectly even, by Monday afternoon I was just in get it done mode. I'm proud to say that 9 of  these 10 tasks were marked scratched off by Thursday. The only one I didn't get done was the programs...I just ran out of steam and creativity to create and print them.

Tuesday I had my hair trial...why did I wait so long? My hair stylist, ED, said that it made more sense to do it close to the wedding so that she actually remembered how to do the style we created. Agreed. I showed her my inspiration pictures and she nailed it. It was perfect, there was nothing I would have changed. Plus, running the last of wedding errands with my hair all did up was far more fun!Wednesday I spent three glorious hours getting a manicure, pedicure and massage as Mr. Honey celebrated his psuedo-bachelor party in the high country of Silverton.

Then it was all the last minute things coming together in a whirlwind. Remember how Mr. Honey was going to be in charge of his own attire? Well the guys shirts literally arrived Wednesday before the wedding. Then he decided he wanted to have his shirt tailored, which wouldn't be ready until Friday morning. We made our final decisions for beer and liquor early that week and so Mr. Honey spent an afternoon running around town putting deposits down on kegs and picking out the perfect rum for our cocktail. We were still trying to find a bartender, practice our first dance moves and remembering to pick up things like hot chocolate and bottles of water for the reception. I even attended a baby shower for MOH Stac Wednesday evening. When I started to feel panicky, I would take a step back and relax. I seriously got some good couch time in that week!

Then,Thursday it got real. All of a sudden our wedding weekend was the next day! I picked up one of my favorite friends, Jo, from the airport and we drank cocktails while her and my friend J.Summers helped me wrap our wedding party gifts. The last thing on my to-do list was done at 3 pm on Thursday. Many Bee's have said it before and I'll say it again: do this. Having that last thing checked off my list before the events started really allowed me to enjoy every single second without being distracted by the last minute things.
Our wonderful officiant, Mark, hosted a "Welcome to Durango" dinner at his house Thursday night where out of town friends and even our close local friends all gathered.
Friend Jo, Me & BM Scoot

Mr. Honey's college friends AP and AL, and Officiant Mark
After some kebabs salad, and an assortment of cheeses (yum. cheese.) we all went downtown Durango for drinks. Mr. Honey and I agreed that we would stay for a couple drinks, we had a lot to do early in the morning. Read my Words: This doesn't happen when you are the couple in the spotlight! Friends, strangers, bartenders...they all like to buy drinks for you when you are getting married in a few short days. We took it all in though, dancing and chatting with those who came from all over the country to be with us.
BM Scoot & I

The Honeys.
Mr. Honey clearly didn't wear sunscreen while snowboarding the day before!

We walked home right about midnight, a couple hours later than I had wanted. BUT, that night was a blast! I got home took one last look around the house for things I couldn't forget, passed by the boxes of all our wedding decor one last time and hit the hay for a good nights sleep.

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