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Monday, February 27, 2012

Honeys Do: Teamwork to Make the Dreamwork

One of the best things about our venue is that it was a blank slate. One of the hardest things about our venue is that it was a blank slate. This meant we had to do all of the setup and decoration, so we called in the troops for help. Our entire wedding party, family and even some super generous friends came to our rescue Friday morning to get the place just perfect.

My dad called in friends to plow out the parking lot. My mom called friends to help with flowers. The groomsmen offered their muscle and the bridesmaids brought their finest decorating skills. It truly was an effort by our nearest and dearest! The four hours of setting up was beyond exciting for me. Putting together all the decor elements that I had envisioned for so many months was surreal...finally getting all those visions from my head to real life so that everyone could actually see what I was seeing? Amazing!

We set up the rows of tables with the white tablecloths and burlap runners:
Photo by BM Mae

BM Kel Bel and BM K assembled the handmade desert plates for our dessert buffet:
Photos by BM Mae

The girls worked together to make my tablescape vision come to life with the glitter and twine jars:

Photos by BM Mae

The dudes were put in charge of hanging the yarn spheres:
Photo by BM Mae

Outside, my Dad's handmade arch was put in place:

And our rock guest book and card mailbox were all ready for the guests:
Photo by Aunt M

It was all coming together! We had set our rehearsal for 3ish. Yes 3-ish. Everyone that was a part of the rehearsal was already at the venue to help set up so we figured we would see how time went throughout the day. By 2:30 I was ready to leave and go put on a pretty new dress for the rehearsal. At 2:45 I walked away. I left my fully capable mom in charge and told her that I trusted any final decisions she had to make. There were certainly some last minute touches that had to be done, but I knew she would make the right calls. I got to the point I didn't care. We had the majority of the decorating done and it looked amazing, I didn't want to worry about whether or not a place mat should be used here or a flower vase should go there. I didn't want to stress, I wanted to be the bride from there on out, no longer the planner and coordinator. I let it all go and when my girls and I left the venue to go freshen up, I smiled because it looked perfect already:

Photo by BM Mae

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