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Monday, May 7, 2012

Honeys Do: Just Dance!

With guests getting liquored up, all the wedding formalities checked, and the DJ's ready to spin...it was time, time to Just Dance!

I met with the DJ's a couple days before the wedding where they asked what type of music we wanted. My response was "Hip hop, country, rock, pop, oldies, funk, 80's & 90's,  and dance...just about anything, except punk. No punk music." When he asked for some must play artists, I responded with "Snoop Dogg. There has to be a few Snoop songs. And the mister loves Motley Crue. Oh, and gotta play at least one by George Strait for my parents." All over the board, right? Well the DJ's delivered...they played just about every genre under the sun and there was not a single second of any song that the dance floor wasn't packed. And because pictures of dancing needs little explanation, enjoy the awesome moves of our friends and family (warning: picture heavy)!

There was a whole lot of group dancing...

There was two stepping...

There Was People "Backin' It Up"...

There was scream-singing...

There were kids gettin' down...

It really was a full on dance party!

We still managed to steal plenty of newlywed kisses that evening...

I loved seeing little moments of us throughout the night!

Our friend, L, is the mascot for pure fun in the photo below (in the orange coat)...every time I see it I just smile :)

I stepped away briefly to take a shot of whiskey, cool off, and let go of that damn train for a minute...(all the dancing was making me a sweaty, thirsty bride!)

...and I remember turning around and just being so happy. Aside from the day being a perfect success, I was happy that our dance floor was packed with all our friends and family! I was kneeling down with one of the flower girls at one point, and the floor was literally pulsing from everyone dancing. I wanted a dance party, and a dance party is what we got!

At 9:00 the DJ's asked if we were ready to wind down, Mr. Honey and I both decided it was worth it to pay them for an extra hour. We felt bad, being that the roads were already snow packed and the snow was still falling, but they assured us they would happily stay. That next hour flew by...majority of our guests had left and all that remained was the wedding party and the friends that had planned to stay at the lake.The DJ's played our last song just before 10, which was the runner up for our first dance song, All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar. We all energetically (err, drunkenly) danced to this amazing last song on our wedding day and then it was time to leave the venue...

The last picture snapped of the Honeys on our wedding day!

Photo by GM Steele

Trying to leave the venue was quite hysterical; Mr. Honey had decided to christen the bar with an unopened bottle of wine (oops!), I slipped on my dress and fell all the way to my knees (ouch!), a snowball fight broke out (yikes!) and our cake (yes, the one we never cut because we thought it had already been eaten) was dropped and destroyed (dangit!). The stories from the later part of the night are ones we still laugh and talk about!

Our rental house ended being the location for the after party, so we headed there with about twenty of our friends, and from what I hear, the party didn't stop until the wee hours of the morning. We lasted all of fifteen minutes before we literally snuck away from our own after party and locked ourselves in the master suite upstairs. And suprisingly, we were not phased by the party downstairs; we were exhausted and slept through it all.

Our wedding day was over!

*Unless otherwise noted, all Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

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