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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honeys Do: So Glad It's Over

Waking up the morning after our wedding was surreal. We both woke up and sighed a huge sigh relief; it was over, the planning, the stress, the spending...it was done. And we were married!

We awoke to the most beautiful morning; the morning after a heavy snowfall is always magical, but this day was our first day of being married so it was extra magical. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the lake and snow were just glistening.

While the morning was absolutely gorgeous, my dress on the other hand was not looking so pretty. Evidence that night was in fact super fun, my poor dress had turned from ivory to dirt-black with beer and wine stains aplenty.

Just as we had to set up our venue, we had to tear it down too. By ten o'clock we were back at our venue, faced with the massive amount of clean up and break down that had to be done. Trash had to be collected, decorations had to be taken down, tables had to be folded and the entire space had to be cleaned. After recounting some of the stories from the previous night and drinking coffee, the groomsmen, our parents and the two of us got to work.

This is when it started...the sentiment that I was so glad it was over. As we collected all those jars I glitzed up by hand and the yarn spheres I was so in love with, I was faced with the question of  "What do you want to do with these?". I quickly realized I didn't have a need for 60 spheres and jars, so I said, "Toss 'em!". My mom thought I was crazy...all that hard work just to toss them!? But really, where in the heck would I store all of that stuff in our little house (as I stared at the mound of huge gifts that had still yet to be opened and also fit into our home)?? I certainly wasn't going to decorate our house with them, and definitely didn't want to hassle with trying to sell them (would anyone even buy something like that?).

So as one groomsmen started snipping the fishing line that held the spheres up, I went around and stomped my beloved spheres. One by one. Until all of them were collapsed into a garbage bag. On to the jars, which got tossed into garbage cans (okay, I kept a few glittery jars that now showcase my scissors and some sharpies) until the bag was overflowing with broken glass and glitter. Drastic? Hash? Maybe...but let me tell you, it felt good. I realize I sound like some sort of crazy devil-bride but I was anxious to get back to doing things. Doing things with my husband. And focusing on the marriage not on the wedding.

Over the next couple weeks, our gifts got put away, the spare bedroom returned to a room with a floor, and our wedding things got put into a basket. One basket. Eventually that basket will be converted to a Rubbermaid and be stored along side our Christmas totes. Here's proof that I'm not all devil-bride though:

Some wedding decor made it in to the house post wedding, of course our stone guest book and mailbox are prominently displayed, but also our yarnograms and the pet topper sit happily in the spare bedroom. Soon there will be pictures to accompany the few leftover wedding things we have.

As for my dress, there was a brief time I thought about taking that lovely fabric and turning it into pillows (I had little hope the stains could be removed), but my mom surprised me by taking her to the cleaners and having her preserved. She was not going to let the dress be turned into measly pillows (but, seriously, is that not a good idea??!). Now, someday I might be able to share my dress with a daughter.

Looking back on the year and a half we were engaged, I spent a lot of time not doing things. Weekends were devoted to wedding crafting. Extra money was dedicated to wedding spending. Free mind space was consumed by wedding dreams. Friends asked me if I was going to go through wedding planning withdrawals, and in all honesty I anticipated it. Much to my surprise, that withdrawal never came.

My husband is a very active person, he was patient with me during our engagement when I would constantly pass up activities in exchange for my glue gun and craft paper...being married has been great for our relationship. We do things together because I'm not in that bubble of planning a wedding. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy that bubble while I was in it, I really did love planning our wedding. But, it is nice to be on the other side now, married and planning other things to do together.

Amongst the new wine glasses, pots and pans, sheets and towels, we were able to get one of our dream purchases (the other was the couch that FIL Honey bought for us) with the money from our very generous guests. It's something we had put the word out about, and made it a goal of ours to be able to do so. A month after our wedding we became proud owners of a cataraft!

St. Patty's Day Maiden Voyage
It's not even officially summer yet and we have already been on the river more times then I can count, including a 3 day river trip on the Colorado River. Being able to share the love of water with my husband is fabulous!
Rafting West Water...my husband on the oars!

We're going to a Rockie's game next month, we've got camping on the brain and I even bought a pass to our ski resort so I can get back on my snowboard this winter! Doing things, that's why I'm glad the wedding is over. The Honeys are loving married life!

So, we were married, our weekend was over and we were relieved, but we celebrated our one week anniversary by getting dressed in our wedding clothes one more time!

Married Bees, did you have a sense of relief when your day was over? Or did you have a withdrawal?

*All personal pictures.

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