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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snow Suit Up

Images of A Christmas Story still come up when I hear "snow suit". At least Barney Stinson makes it sound a little cooler. Let's talk about what the guys of the Honey wedding will be wearing for our winter wedding.

When the topic of what the guys would wear came up a few months back, I was pleasantly surprised by how much Mr. Honey cared about this. Not that he shouldn't care, I just didn't think he would be as opinionated as he is. I knew tuxedos were out, and even the full suit was seeming to structured and complicated for our wedding. I also didn't want the guys to be perfectly matched since my ladies are all picking their own navy dress. I was envisioning coordinated in a mismatched kind of way:
Image via Bridal Banter/Photo by James Christianson
 After a few of my suggestions got tossed out the window (letting the guys pick their own pants and shirt, for example) I have pretty much left this in Mr. Honey's court. One Two things I'm requesting are that there is a mismatched element to their attire and that Mr. Honey stands out as the groom in some way.

The other night, Mr. Honey came home pretty focused and motivated about groomsmen attire so we came to some almost concrete decisions: how they will get their outfits, what their outfits will consist of, the mismatched element and how the mister will noticeably be the groom.

Three of his groomsmen are clear across the country, and since they are so far away, the plan is to have them spend more than just a few days here in Durango...snowboarding, back country expeditions, drinking beer and now, shopping for their groomsmen outfits. After hearing Mr. H's reasoning for this, it does make sense. We aren't going for anything super fancy, so we should be able to piece together their outfits while they are all here in Durango. While the obsessive planner in me is struggling with the lack of control, I am leaving it to Mr. H to get this accomplished. He is conscious of his clothes and I know he won't take this decision lightly, he wants him and his men to look good.

The groomsmen will be sporting gray pants, a shirt and a gray vest. Mr. H is adamant about not having white shirts. Why? I'm not really sure...but it's something he seems to be very passionate about. Perhaps they will end up with navy or peach shirts, or even a different color gray. Again, because of his input on this aspect, it's in his court.
Image via Ruffled/Photo by Katie Day Photography
The Honey groomsmen are pretty alternative fella's. Skaters, kayakers, snowboarders and surfers, so I know they will rock the fancied up version of themselves but to let them showcase their coolness, we ordered six pairs of these shoes:
Image via Vox
Navy blue skate shoes! They are perfect and I think the guys will all actually wear them long after our wedding has passed.

To appease both of my requests, we are hopping on the mismatched neck ware train. Finding coordinating neck ware in our colors will prevent the guys from being too matchy-matchy. How will my groom stand out? He will be the only one to wear either a tie or a bow tie, while the other guys sport the other option. I think the bow tie will bring a little Southern charm, being that Mr. H and four of his five groomsmen are from Alabama. He has yet to decide whether he will wear the tie or bow tie (my vote is him in a tie, them in bow ties...but I've relinquished control!)

Image via Southern Weddings/Photo by Katelyn James
Image via Bridewithablog/Photo by Bloom Photography
Like my girls dresses, I'm having to just have faith that the men's outfits will come together. I can see how it will look in my head, but we won't actually see it come together until W-Day. Inhale...and...exhale.

Was your groom more opinionated about his clothing than you expected? Are you leaving it for him to decide, or am I crazy?!

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