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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heel to Toe

It was out with the glamorous heels and in with the cowboy boots, as I divulged in my last post. I already owned a pair of cowboy boots, which made my wedding day shoe decision rather effortless. I am by no means a girl who wears cowboy boots for the functionality of them, I fully admit to wearing them purely as an accessory. I am, however, a big time country music lover, and there was a time in my life where I could be found every Friday night at the Country bar two-stepping my heart out. At that time my mom gifted me with a pair of nice, for-real cowboy boots. If you have ever owned a pair of cowboy boots, you will know that right off the rack, they aren't the most comfortable shoe known to woman. A pair of cowboy boots is best after being used, you know like roping cattle and feeding the horses. Since I don't do that real stuff, and my two-stepping has slowed down since I met Mr. H, I haven't fully broken in my boots. I have worn them a hand full of times, but they still look brand-spankin' new:

When I went for my dress fitting last Friday, I took my boots with me knowing that I would be wearing them for the ceremony...and if I turned into a two-shoe bride, I would find something with a heel size similar to my boots, for the reception. It was great fun to put on Penelope (that is her new name, thanks to Cinny, who's altering my dress), all pinned up where she will be fitting me properly and add my boots to the ensemble. Here's a peek of my boots-n-dress, before I talk about my fitting process in another post:

After the fitting and then stocking up on goods to start wedding projects, I headed to Ross to kill some time while Mr. Honey headed from Durango (remember, crafting and altering is taking place across the state line in New Mexico), we had a hot date at Olive Garden. I browsed the clothes and the home goods and then the shoes; and unexpectedly came across and instantly purchased these:

I know, even after, I just confessed that my cheap shoe buying habits were changing- oops. They are still boots, but not quite as 'western' as my original boot. These feel more fun and lighthearted, and they are tad more comfortable. The heel is just about the exact same height, score! The next thing I compared is the toe:
The left is Original, the right is New
Yes, the toe. With my original boots, the toe is a bit longer than I'm used to. I have tripped a time or two while scootin' around in these. To do a fair comparison, I will be wearing my new (albeit not authentic) boots out the next time I go dancing. I don't know how I will decide...right now I'm leaning towards the new ones, mainly because they feel like more of my kind of style. But, goodness, I love the realness of my originals. Oh, the decisions of being a bride. 

Were you set on a wedding shoe and then surprised when you found something new and/or different?

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