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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Craft Turned Wedding Solution

I thought I would take an afternoon off from wedding tasks and shift my focus from said wedding to Christmas. I needed a way to display Christmas cards our friends and family have been sending us. Well, leave it to bride brain to turn a Christmas project to a wedding project.

Heading to Pinterest for inspiration, I found the perfect solution and immediately picked up my supplies. A $5 picture frame from the thrift store:

And clothespins & jewelry wire from Wally World:

I started by removing the glass and cardboard, and also the little metal tabs that keep the glass secured:

My first idea was to spray paint the frame white, but after two coats, it was not looking pretty. The frame had too many flaws that were showing through the spray paint:

And this is where it turned into a wedding project. I spotted a bundle of white yarn and it hit me...remember how I asked for your help in how to display my yarn wrapped letters? The poll results showed "displaying them inside something pretty" as second place (I have searched for a larger last name initial with no luck) and now I had a large frame and a bundle of white yarn that needed to be used. Woop woop! I just solved two problems. I started wrapping, and wrapping, and just like my letters, it took a very long time. Mr. Honey may have made fun of me for thinking it would be a quick project. Also like the letters, I loved the outcome... there's something about yarn wrapped things that make me swoon.

For fun, I pulled my letters out of temporary storage and (pretty horribly) placed them inside the frame just to see what it would like, should this be the option I have come wedding day to display our Yarnograms.

Even in this very half-assed attempt, I think the white yarn frame will work perfectly! I will still work on making our last name initial stick out (maybe a longer ribbon?), but I also think that the guests at our wedding will know what the initials stand for...hopefully.

The letters went back into temporary storage and I continued on my path to creating a card holder. I took the jewelry wire and tied one 3 inches from the top and then measured estimated the placement of three other wire lines.

I just knotted the wire, knowing that I would be removing the wire after Christmas to re-use the frame for the wedding, so I will do a little better job next Christmas. I also wanted to have a temporary way to hang the frame for Christmas and found some plain red grosgrain ribbon in my craft room and secured it with Fabritac. A few Christmas cards and mini clothespins later, I had this:

Aside from solving my issues, I thought this DIY project could make a very cute way to display a seating chart! Your options are endless with how to paint/decoupage/cover a frame. You could also be super creative and glitter or dye the clothespins (I see red and green glitter clothespins next Christmas!) to coordinate with your wedding.

Have you had a wedding solution come to you when you are least expecting it? What do you think of my resolution for our Yarnograms, think it will work?!

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