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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Steps to Our Sweet Suite

The final post in my Sweet Suite series, I even debated if this post was necessary but I remembered how useful I found these types of posts when I was starting to brainstorm the process of how to create our invitations.
I had an overall vision of how I wanted our invitations to look when they were put all together, including the map insert, the twine and the mini-moo. Translated to words, it was like this: invitation would be the largest element, the RSVP postcard would be the middle piece and our map/directions card would be the smallest. I had originally envisioned the map and directions on one side and a bit bigger than the RSVP but it just didn't work out that way. I printed a ton of samples until I got the sizing right, which ended up being 2 invitations per page and 4 map/directions per page. My steps will begin after the printing step, which is an obvious beginning step.
Step 1: I made new best friends with my paper trimmer and trimmed each piece (invite, map, directions) from the whole page. At an average of 6 trims for the invitations and 9 for the map and directions, it's a whole lot of trimming. My advice? Have a some beers, put on a good series, and stock up on trim blades (I went through 3).

Step 2: I mounted each piece on cardstock, using the Elmer's Tape Runner. Like my printing, I did 2 invitations per piece of cardstock, and 4 maps/directions per piece. Knowing I was going to do this, I did make the pieces a little smaller than the size I wanted so that the cardstock border would show and ultimately be the size I was going for.

Step 3: Reunited with the paper trimmer again, I trimmed the cardstock border without exact measurements, I just couldn't be that concerned about 1/8 of an inch of border, or I'd still be trimming. I tried to trim the cardstock first and then apply the printed piece, but found it to be much more time consuming and risky to get the cardstock the right size.
Step 4: Heart hole punch all the mini-moo cards.

Step 5: I measured the length of twine for one suite (which is why all the other steps are before this, I did put together a suite and then tied accordingly) and used it as a guideline to measure, approximately, all the others. Measure out 110 strands, keeping in mind if you have kitties, they will be very interested.

Step 6: Affix labels and stamps to envelopes. This will prevent you from assembling too many invites, and since it does take time you will appreciate not having to tie even one extra suite together.
Step 7: You are ready to assemble. I set up piles right in front of me so I could easily grab each piece as I put each of 110 suites together.

Step 8: Piece everything together! I mentioned it in my last post, but picking who got which mini-moo was challenging...my boss didn't need one of us smooching, and I'd think his friends would like the skateboard photo best (but I ran out of those early), and then the shadow picture just wasn't very effective at all. Choose your moo's wisely! Stuff in envelope.
Step 9: Seal envelope. This was the worst part of the whole process. For one I hate licking envelopes (who doesn't?!), I tried using a wet sponge but it soaked the whole flap. When I accepted that I had to in fact lick every.single.one, I realized the stickiness wasn't immediate. I then went in groups of six, sticking stacks of three under something very heavy to help make the flap stick. I was *this close* to venting to my envelope provider.
Step 10: Display in boxes and CHECK INVITES OFF THE LIST!!!

From start to finish, I'd estimate the above 10 steps took around 10 hours, over the course of a week. It sounds like a lot but it wasn't too bad once I put on a good show and made myself comfortable on the couch.

Now that I've told you everything about our invitations, it's time to move on and share some other wedding crafts and details...we are down to the last month and I've got lots to share!

If you've recently finished your DIY invites, how did your steps/time spent compare?!

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