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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Toss It

I'm pretty in the middle about the bouquet/garter toss. It's fun when the couple does decide to do it, but if they don't, I certainly don't miss it. One thing that bugs me about the toss, is trying to get people on the floor; having to yell and convince people to get up there. Singling out the singles. There are the shy and single ones that just don't want to participate and then remain in the back of the crowd (you need to make the catch!), there are the engaged folks who don't need to participate but are persuaded somehow (you aren't married yet!), and of course there's usually one or two that are actually dying to catch the bouquet or garter (just throw it directly at me!).

Here's proof, from BM Scoot's wedding a couple months ago. I was happily sitting with Mr. Honey when I got called out from across the room to join in with the toss, I declined more than once, but eventually made my way up and tried to stand in the back...then got pushed to the front of the crowd (because hey, 'you are the next to get married so might as well catch the bouquet') and was forced to compete with the one girl who really wanted and deserved the bouquet! And you see those 4 ladies behind me? They are all single too. I felt bad that the bouquet got thrown at me, when I didn't need it. I will admit, it's a pretty funny action shot:

Image from BM Scoots wedding/Photo by Newell Jones & Jones Photography
We are tossing it, the tradition that is. We aren't doing a garter toss or a bouquet toss. For one, I'm pretty damn excited about my bouquet and don't want to toss it, and don't really want to make one just to be tossed. Same goes with my garter, which I will show you sooner than later, Mr. Honey is not going to sling-shot my garter to a bunch of undeserving boys. Kidding, only about the undeserving part, kind of.

What I have decided to do is play a song dedicated to my girls for an all girls dance session. A girls only moment, whether you are single or not. This song has somehow made it's way into just about every night out, and one that gets us all jump-dancing and scream-singing. Some of the girls know about the replacement, others don't, and there has been a mention of having a little bit of choreography thrown into the dance. I'm sure you are dying to know what the song is...with an all female group and a DJ named Spinderella and other hits like "Shoop", Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" will be replacing the tossing tradition at our wedding.

Here is the video in all it's late 80's glory:

From YouTube

Even just listening to this song now makes me want to call up the girls...there's nothing quite like dancing with your favorite girls. And did you see those dance moves? Easy enough for even me to bust out!

What is the song that can always get you and your friends in scream-sing mode?! Where do you stand on the toss tradition?

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