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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've shared with you my dress, my boots, my rings and garter...now for the rest of my wedding day accessories. Earrings are an everyday staple for me, necklaces and bracelets are worn almost as often so wedding day accessories were a must.

I started with my necklace, I knew I wanted something big and bold, statement making. I couldn't add anything until I had the necklace. I found loads of inspiration but by far my favorite is this picture:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Alders Photography
The best part? This gorgeous bride made the gorgeous necklace and provided the tutorial here. I set out to make the necklace, but I'm sorry to announce this is not another DIY post by Miss Honey. Each time I went to Hobby Lobby to search for pretty pearls, I got overwhelmed and gave up. Still though, the bold pearls were what I was dreaming of. The day Mama Honey and I went shopping for her dresses, we happened to pass the jewelry counter and there it was, the perfect wedding day necklace! I tried it on and pulled my debit card out before I even took it off.

Okay it was almost perfect, it just needed to be altered a little bit. One of my dear friends, H, makes jewelry and I knew I could commission her for help on how to make it just perfect. Here's the original necklace:

The part of the necklace that stole my heart is the more chunkier strands, not the longer hanging strands. It was just a little too much with longer strands, and H reassured me that it would be super simple to alter.

A clutter of pearls
I gave H the necklace and a couple days later, she had it back to me...now it was the perfect necklace! Bold, chunky pearls...my Wedding Day Necklace:

It looks much less cluttered without the long strands:

Maybe you are wondering what happened to those extra strands of pearls? Well, H made me a beautiful bracelet out of the extras and gifted it to me at my bridal shower last weekend! I knew she was creating something, I just didn't know what. I love that the pearls are recycled from the original necklace and that the sizes of the pearls vary just like the necklace. The bling is just right and the magnetic clasp is just brilliant. 
Wedding Day Bracelet:
I have a weird thing about wearing too much of a dangly earring when I'm already wearing a necklace, but on the other hand pearl studs would just be too simple. It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but the color of the chain on my necklace is gunmetal gray, a pretty dark color. I wanted something in that color of metal, but not something that would distract from my necklace. In Target, I happened across a pair of sparkly, gunmetal gray earrings and snatched 'em right up.
Wedding Day Earrings:

They are like mini disco balls so it was difficult to get a good picture
I've never shared with the Hive that I won't be wearing a veil, so obviously I needed something to make my hair more wedding-y. I could have made another fabric flower, but I felt like I had that style covered between my garter and my dress. When I was at Maurice's buying a new cardigan for my rehearsal dinner outfit, this pretty little flower was just calling out to me. Wedding Day Hair Flower:  
That's all of the piece, Hive! Did you notice how I 'stumbled' upon all of my pieces? Every single one was found when I wasn't looking, isn't that it way it always goes? I'm sure if I set out to find the perfect hairpiece or earrings, I would have come home empty handed. I love all the accessories together and can't wait to have my girls adorn me come W-Day!

Necklace: $60 from Dillard's
Bracelet: Recycled from necklace
Earrings: $8 from Target
Hair Piece: $8 from Maurice's
A total of $78 for accessories

One final piece I'm keeping an eye out for is a clutch. I haven't had any luck at any of the stores I've visited but I'm not giving up hope, I'm sure I will stumble upon something :)

Did your wedding day pieces fall into place or were you more of an accessory searcher?

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