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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creating Memories

A few weeks ago, amongst our RSVP's and Christmas cards, I received this little cutie, addressed solely to me:

My bridal shower!! MOH Stac, BM K and BM Candace worked together and threw me one helluva bridal shower. I gave a few 'guidelines' on what I saw happening for my shower: champagne, finger foods, and no toilet paper wedding gowns. My shower list was a ridiculous amount, coming in at 33 invited women. I could have chosen to do 2 separate showers but in my book, the more the merrier.
The days leading up to my shower, this wave of anxiety hit me. I was nervous to be the center of attention, but as MOH Stac said, I better get used to it before the wedding. Once the day arrived, however, I was good to go and ready to mingle with my favorite ladies! The delicious champagne punched may have helped :)
My Shower Hostesses: BM Candace, BM K, Me, MOH Stac, and 2 of our flower girls!

Me with friends Jodi, Jackie & Caroline

Carly, BM Kel and Miss Honey
Katie, Miss Honey, Jodi and BM Hogan
Mama Honey, BM Candace's Mom, Cousins Monica and Joanna
Me with my mom and her best friend
After everyone had chatted, had a couple drinks and munched on food, MOH Stac announced the 'theme' of the shower: Creating Memories. She gave a super sweet speech about how I had created memories with everyone and it was time to share those memories with me. Cue tears. MOH Stac & BM K requested everyone bring pictures...pictures of me, pictures of Mr. Honey and I, or pictures of me with friends. The scrapbooking supplies were layed out and everyone made a page for my "Creating Memories Scrapbook".

BM Hogan and Carly crafting

I didn't peek at the book once, not until I got home that night and looked through the pages with Mr. Honey. Since then I've looked through it another ten times. MOH Stac knew how I'd appreciate the craftiness and all of the pictures that people brought together. Plus, what other kind of activity could we possibly have done with 25 women?! Here's a glimpse:

After everyone got a chance to create a page, it was time. Time for me to sit in front of everyone and open gifts. I think I rushed through this a little bit, I was feeling a little nervous again. My two helpers, aka flower girls, diligently brought me gift after gift. And, wow, I was feeling the love! I will spare you the overload of 'Miss Honey opening presents' pictures...I'm making funny faces or moving too fast (read: blurriness) in nearly all of them. I never posted about our registry, mainly because it was so simple, but we were lucky enough to receive so many items off our registry; from new pots and pans to silicone muffin cups, a popcorn maker to dishtowels, baking dishes to a baking stone. We also received some personal gifts like a wine stopper with our picture in it and some neat crackled glass toasting flutes.
And a shake weight. A new tradition has evolved in our group of friends, that is passing on shake weight (this could spark many conversations of why a shake weight is hilarious to gift to a bride). So amongst all my pretty packages of bridal gifts, there was the shake weight. Here's one picture, just to show you how amused my mom and her best friend were with the shake weight:

Ohh the shake weight, thanks to Ellen, we can all have an appreciation for it! I'm the second bride to receive the shake weight and can't wait to pass it on to the third in September! After all the gifts were opened and my guests made their departure, I finished off the last sip of the champagne punch:

Six of us decided to continue with cocktails and headed downtown where we ran into an old cowboy named Bob. Bob generously bought us a round when he heard it was a bride-to-be celebrating, he came and joined us and gave us two tips for a successful marriage: Fight Fair and Jealousy Kills. After 55 years of a successful marriage all six of us appreciated his advice. He also said that a smart man lets the woman have the last word, he was full of wisdom!
BM Hogan, Me, Friends H, J, J & C and Bob
The whole day was amazing and I felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many special ladies. So with a shot of whiskey at midnight, I said goodbye to my bridal shower day and headed home with Mr. Honey.

What was the theme of your bridal shower? Do you and your friends have any silly traditions? Do  you own a shake weight?!

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