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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Motivating Song

We are all too familiar with the mile long To-Do list that we as engaged ladies face. My checklist on The Knot is 150 items overdue, needless to say, I don't use this tool like I should. I get overwhelmed easily with the amount of tasks a wedding requires so I tend to avoid the lists like the plague. This is more my style:

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I go through phases where I'm 100% sucked into all things wedding and completely motivated to slumps where I find every excuse to go play rather than think about writing our ceremony. Or whatever needs to be on the list. 

When I first got engaged and began reading blogs, I always loved reading what song the bride walked down the aisle to, which is funny because it's something that never crossed my mind. You mean we all don't walk down the aisle to "Hear Comes the Bride"? Thankfully, not. There are the common songs that no matter what, conjure up images of a bride and the aisle. But I love hearing the alternative songs that are chosen for a bride to make her trek down the aisle. Now I anticipate this moment at weddings. The most recent wedding we attended, the bride chose to walk down to Sweet Pea by Amos Lee, and now that song gives me chills thinking about her walk down the aisle.

Since this aspect of the wedding was not given much thought prior to being engaged, it's funny that choosing the song to walk down the aisle occurred within the first couple of months of being engaged. I had never heard the song prior to my ah-ha moment; it popped up on Pandora one day and that was it, I had found my processional song. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson. Go ahead and push play, I'll wait while you listen and envision this Honey in full bridal attire.

The lighthearted chords and soft tone of Ingrid's voice just make my heart pitter patter. I love the lyrics, they encompass such a peaceful thought of love. The beat is slow enough to hopefully prevent me from charging down the aisle, but have enough of a tempo to not be boring. The song makes me smile and I love that. It makes me want to walk down the aisle, like, yesterday.

What does Ingrid's song have to do with motivation? I envision myself walking down the aisle to this song so strongly that when I'm far from motivated in the wedding planning department, I push play on this song and it reminds me that all of the hard work done now will put me at the top of the aisle, walking to become a wife. *Chills*.

Do you have a song that helps motivate you when you are feeling unmotivated? Did anyone else find their processional song in an unexpected and random time?

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