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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Non-Wedding Weekend.

We took a much needed break from all things wedding; a break from attending wedding events and a break from thinking about our own. So what did we do? We played and we played a lot. Although it's no secret that D and I often put playing at the top of our list (much to the dismay of my parents), this weekend was focused on nothing else. While we do a ton of stuff together, our hobbies sometimes take us in different directions on the weekend (I can't go kayaking with him and he doesn't enjoy vino with ladies quite like me) but this weekend we managed to spend 99.9% of our time with each other. It was lovely.

A recap:
Friday night we ventured down the Animas river with Zeus for an evening swim and then made homemade beef stroganoff and watched The Dilemma. Saturday was a kayaking event at Vallecito Creek*, and because there were other spectators I got to -put my life in danger by trekking down a scary cliff- watch from a rock high above the creek. Sunday involved a lovely afternoon nap and a giant slip-n-slide in the park and BBQ with friends.

Here's the evidence:
 {Zeus loves rocks, he could search for the perfect one for hours}

{Cooling off}

 {Joe Dirt D & I}
{Hanging my toes off the 50+ foot cliff...vertigo ensued}

{Vallecito Creek...best 1 mile of boating in Colorado}

{Perspective on the size of the 'creek', an 8 ft kayaker below}

{Giant Slip-n-Slide!}

{D taking is first slide down}

My first trip down was with the girls:

And later, a train:
{personal videos from a friend}

We had such a good weekend, further proof of our awesome life. Now, those Save the Dates are in the back of my brain just calling out for addresses and stamps to be affixed...

*okay, just one wedding side note: Vallecito Creek is in fact the creek that feeds into Vallecito Lake; where our venue sits. I drove by our venue on my way to the creek and it was so gorgeous sitting there in all it's Colorado summertime glory. I couldn't help but think that we will be there gettin' married in six short months.

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