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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bringin' the Honey to the Hive!

Yo Yo HIVE!!! Miss Honey here. Even as I sit here typing this post addressed to THE hive, I'm still in a huge amount of shock that I have been accepted as the newest bee! Yowza. It was just a few short days ago when I read Miss Parasol's introduction post and imagined what it would actually be like to write that same post. And now here I am, and I can tell you it feels incredible. I'm a beeeee! (I know so typical, but it really sums up the excited energy!)

I spent my weekend camping and away from all things technology, but I couldn't shake this anxious feeling I had and couldn't wait to get back to service and to work Monday to check my email. And there it was, the email from Pengy. Given this moment tons of thought in the past months, I thought I would avoid the email and hit the open button with my eyes closed. But I kept my eyes open and gleefully read, and re-read the email stating my acceptance. This was the first email I checked when I got to work bright and early this morning, and so I had to contain my squealing and giddiness for the e.n.t.i.r.e day. I sent a text to Mr. Honey telling him I had been accepted to blog about our wedding for my favorite wedding blog and when I didn't get a response in less then 2.5 minutes I decided to walk down to his office and tell him in person, but he was so busy I just blurted out in the front lobby told him I loved him and left. Hmph, it was kind of anti-climatic. I'm sure he's super excited to here the details tonight over dinner.

So why Miss Honey? Well, I'm gonna be honest, I chose my character without any input from the mister. I know it's shameful, but I also know the man and I know he would say "Whatever you want dear honey", plus he works a long 12 hour day and if I waited for him to get home it wouldn't have been until late tonight to decide on one together...and that's far too long for a new-bee to decide on a character!! So Miss Honey...besides the icon being ridiculously adorable, Mr. Honey and I have disgustingly cute pet names for each other, he calls me Princess or muffin regularly and I refer to him as sunshine face. It's okay to gag at our cuteness. I also adore the catchy phrases from the honey-lovin bear, Winnie the Pooh...and in all honesty I'm way more excited to see the new Pooh movie than the other movie that opened the same day. Side note, when I graduated high school, I road tripped to California with my cousin and we waited in line for hours to take a picture with Winnie & Eeyore. And, ironically, Eeyore even played a small role in Mr. Honey and I meeting (more on that to come!). So, the Honey's it is...or would it be the Honey's we are?

So who are we? And, because I love looking at pictures of other couples (that doesn't sound creepy.) I have included photos for your viewing pleasure.

We are a couple who met and fell in love quickly, knowing that we were following our hearts.

{4th of July in Silverton, CO}

{Six Flags in Denver, CO}

We live in a mountain town where people play more than they work, and we sure do love to play.
{River Parade}

{Fall Motorcycle Ride}

{Halloween 2010}

We surround ourselves with good friends and great adventures.

{At a friends wedding a couple weeks ago}

{Camping trip with friends}

We spend many evenings cuddled up on our couch watching recorded episodes of The Office and Friends. Snuggled up next to us we have three cats and doggy:

{The Honey Pets}

Mr. Honey is a Southern boy with an appetite for Southern food who ventured to my hometown to do everything the area has to offer. I was born and raised in this mountain town and love that we both now call it home. Together we snowboard, camp, raft and ride our cruiser bikes all over town. He kayaks, canoes, skateboards, sails and rides motorcycles . I try to keep up, but most of the time my cautious mentality kicks in. I appreciate his adventurous spirit and like to think that he appreciates my "be safe speech" every time he goes on an adventure.

{Mr. Honey plays}

Now here we are in this wedding planning voyage together, where we will say I Do in the middle of the Colorado winter surrounded by our friends & family. I have visions of  rustic details and whimsical touches, loads of DIY and a room overflowing with love, happiness and good beer.

And because this quote is just oh-so-fitting: "That buzzing-noise means something. If there's a buzzing noise, some body's making a buzzing-noise, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you're a bee...And the only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey...And the only reason for making honey is so as I can eat it."  Well said Pooh Bear.
{source of quote}

It's amazing to be here, hive, welcome to our journey!

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