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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breaking it Down: Gettin Our Drink On

"I don't care about anything except an open bar!"

My current wedding-planning self can't believe my young-naive self ever made such a comment. But it's true, back in the day I thought that open bar was the only important thing. Obviously I didn't have a loving man, didn't consider my amazing family (I did consider my fun friends, hehe) and I didn't think about the price tag. I have been to cash bar weddings and full open bar weddings (I'm talking Jager and Whiskey shots, open bar) and everything in between...I just wasn't sure we'd be able to pull off an open bar. BUT our venue states that unless we are having an open bar, we need to attain a liquor license. And gauging the other weddings we have attended recently, purchasing kegs & beer, with either a specialty drink or just a couple options for liquor & mixers...it's not too bad. So open bar it is! There ya go, young-party girl self, happy!?

Our venue doesn't have a bar...I know right, that's ca-razy. There is a counter like wall, between the kitchen and the rest of the room that was left open, they may have intended for the bar. However I don't want adorable pictures of dancing and mingling to be ruined by the stainless steel refrigerator and stove in the exposed kitchen. Nope. Being the problem solvers that we are, we are borrowing a free standing bar from a friend. It's kidney bean shaped with a glass top and tons of storage space. It's rattan, so it will add the rustic vibe and that means I will get to add some whimsical touches with decorations. Woop woop!

{You get the idea...}

Our bar (okay, it's not ours) is larger and not quite as modern...plus we opted not to use chairs, since the bar isn't that big and we didn't want four large chairs taking up valuable real estate at the bar. Although I did ask my mom if she would be willing to make some cute cushions to coordinate with the vibe...she shot me down. Remember when I was painstakingly debating about what pretty thing to hang in the reception area? Well I think this is where I can venture away from my yarn spheres and choose something else to decorate the front of the bar...imagine that.

Fabric Bunting
 {Fabric Bunting via The Sweetest Occasion}
{Fabric Bunting via The Sweetest Occasion}

Flag Bunting

{Image via Deanna Nash}

{Bunting with a Message...via Etsy}

While something quite adorable and DIYed will be gracing the front of the bar, I am very happily jumping on this wedding bandwagon trend:

{Paper Straws via Dandyyou}

{In action and adorable via Slash Food}

I loved these little suckers (ha, pun intended!) since I first came across them way back when I was first engaged. Then I really loved how they mirrored the gray chevron background that is making appearances in my pretty paper.

Tackling the task of what to actually serve is going to be the doozy (ha, another pun!) because D has a far more picky alcoholic palate than yours truly. I can happily put down a PBR or four, while he much prefers the taste of a dark micro brew.

              {PBR source}                                                           {Durango's own Ska Brewing source}

I'm hoping the cost of his palette will jolt him back to reality. We could meet in the middle, as Diamond Rio suggests, so obviously we have not made a decision on this. No fear, there will be beer. We also know we need to appease the non-beer drinkers with some vino. While I love myself a delish glass of wine, I (and certainly not D) am no connoisseur. We will serve a simple red and simple white. Done and done.

As for liquor...D is a sweet and fruity cocktail lover, no I'm not kidding. He's known to order Banana Split-tinis or Caramel Apple-tinis. I on the other hand can enjoy a sip or two of these and then I'm ready for vodka or whiskey. It might be overdone right now, but I'm loving the Sweet Tea Vodka drink. It's not to sweet and not to liquor-y. Plus, this could be a nod to my other Southern half, he does love his sweet tea (I'm constantly trying to perfect the recipe). And remember how this concoction loosened me up for engagement shoot?!

{Sweet Tea Vodka with a Striped Straw! Perfect.}

Another staple in D's party routine, that I will never say no to? Jager:

While I know we won't be able to provide bottles of Jager for shots throughout the night, I know we will have bottles stashed for shooting, hehe. Probably a bottle of whiskey too, cause that's just how we roll.

Wondering about the champagne toast? We aren't doing one. I love a mimosa but buying champagne for everyone, I just know it will be a waste. While doing toasts, everyone will toast with their drink of choice. D bought us super cute monogrammed flutes for Valentine's Day though, and I know we will incorporate those somehow.

I'm ready for a cocktail, It's 5 O'clock Somewhere, right?! 


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