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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

199 Days On the Countdown

199 Days. Mark one down, one less day. 198 days. (To the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer. Mmm beer).

I digress.

Thanks to the many email subscriptions I signed up for on day one of being engaged, I get the (not always welcome) daily reminder of how long or short until the big day. Today? 199 days. Depending on what's on my bridal brain, this can either seem like an eternity away (we still have 2 weddings this summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas...an eternity away) or it can seem like ohmygod.onehundredninetynine.short.days. Like 6 months short, and that's my feeling today. Panic.

This past weekend, we had round two of Wedding Extravaganza 2011. I knew this wedding was going to be the most similar to ours and so we were both giddy with anticipation, and it was perfection. I had the privilege of helping set up and decorate the morning of, which really popped my eyes wide open to how much work is involved. The bride and I have been gossiping our weddings for nearly a year now, she was always the one I could discuss flowers/rings/vows/aisle/venue/food with; and now her wedding is come and gone. I think back to where we were six short months ago, and where were we? Mexico, for her bachelorette party, which at that time July 3rd seemed like an eternity away.

{The 2 Brides-to-Be in Mexico}

{With the bride on her wedding day, excuse the crappy camera I own}

We've got a couple big items checked off the list: the venue, the dress, the engagement pictures, the save the dates...but so much more to do. The food, the music, the photography, the alcohol, the lodging, the gifts. The list goes on.

It must be normal to have unmotivated moments while planning such a huge event, but these next six months are gonna fly by and this gal moving at turtle speed, needs to step it up a notch:

{Turtle Rocket, ha!}

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