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Friday, October 28, 2011

Girls Did Have Fun

For me, my bachelorette party was the most anticipated event surrounding the wedding, except of course the wedding. Girl time is of uber importance to me and while Mr. Honey is my significant other, the love of my life, beyond important to me and the man I'm about to marry...he could never fulfill the space of my girls. A weekend filled with girls, fun and my upcoming marriage at the center of it all was what fueled my excitement. If you recall, I wanted a good balance of class and well, not class. I needed some inappropriate paraphernalia...that being said, this post may not be suitable for work.

We rented a condo in Telluride through VRBO, which was awesome because we had a kitchen, multiple bathrooms (imperative for 14 girls) and a hot tub. The leaves were at the height of changing colors and it was the perfect temperature all weekend long. Here's how it went.

Friday Night We...
Got dolled up in Pretty Dresses

Gorged on Dirty Chips and Fried Pickles at The Llama

Drank Pitchers of Margarita's
Created our own dance party

And Finished the Night by Playing Good 'Ol Fashioned Bar Games, Foosball anyone?
BM Scoot & I just made our one and only goal!
Saturday We...
Had breakfast at Baked in Telluride

And Went on a Hangin' Tough hike

Saturday Night We...
Put on Tutu's and Cowboy Boots
A Room Full of Tutu's!

Got Ready

Had a Dance Party in the Living Room

Opened Gift Bags

Took Jello Shots

Wore lots of phallic accessories and sported hilarious name tags

Ate cupcakes and I drank beer out of a wine glass (that's a first)

Graced Telluride with 14 girls in Tutu's, Cowboy Boots and flashing weenies

And All Because
Has anyone else seen this cup and just died over it? Gah my friends know me!
Seriously, the weekend was beyond amazing. As I shouted on our way down town Saturday night "This is like a dream!". Maybe because we were all strutting our stuff in Tutu's but really it was because I had 13 of my most favorite ladies in the world all in one place. Celebrating me. Giving cheers in my honor. Supporting me. Sure, my girls and I got a little crazy, but it was also surreal, and I can only imagine what our wedding day will be like when I have Mr. Honey by my side and we have all our family and friends surrounding us.

Thank you BM Hogan & J.Summers for throwing me the most perfect bachelorette weekend ever.

Anyone planning a 'theme' for your party? What was your favorite part of your bachelorette party? I love hearing bachelorette party stories!

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