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Friday, October 14, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hive, I'm so SO excited for this weekend. Here's a clue:
Image via Wanelo
This combo can only mean one thing: my Bachelorette party!! I am heading to Telluride, Colorado with 13 of my closest ladies to celebrate ME. Wow, it's so surreal! My girlfriends and I do girl trips quite often but of course this is the first time it's in my honor. BM Hogan and Friend Jackie have been scheming together to come up with what I know will be a legend.ary weekend. One for the books, for sure.
When it came to giving a little input to what I wanted for my bachelorette there were a few things I wanted.
- I wanted to be out of Durango. Our bar scene is pretty great for the size of our town, but it's still small. Running into everyone and their mother or even ex-boyfriends was not appealing. I wanted a weekend away exclusively with my girls.
- I was intrigued by Mrs. Cowboy Boot's "Class, Not Trash" bachelorette party. I wanted one night to be a dressy night; Durango isn't the most dressy of towns, and usually any excuse we can find to put on a more dressy outfit, we take it. Dressing up in Telluride? Even better.
- I'm not gonna lie, I also wanted the inappropriate paraphernalia. One night we will be engulfed in the typical bachelorette material. How often can you actually do this and get away with it? (Okay this is my 5th bachelorette party this year, but this one is about me!) Remember my adoration for these floofy skirts? Well somehow we have managed to incorporate them into a theme...stay tuned!

So, with those three requests (plus a request for vanilla coffee cream for the mornings), we have a weekend packed full of girl time. Woop woop! Drink Mimosas, wear pretty dresses, squawk with the girls, dance my arse off, laugh until our cheeks hurt and maybe even get an afternoon fall hike in.

See you on the flip side, when I'll be back to share some of the details with you! Where do you fall in terms of bachelorette parties? Keep it clean or make it wild? Or are you like me and you just want it all?!

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