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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honeys Do: Gettin' Bridal!

We had a lot of girls getting ready in the house...eight bridesmaids, three flower girls and one bride. We set up the kitchen table as our "get pretty station" where the hair stylists did their magic, nail painting occurred and a full length mirror was set up to apply makeup.

The flower girls transformed from Disney princesses to Wedding princesses...


With five bridesmaids hair all done up and lookin' good, it was finally my turn in the hair styling seat. E curled and sprayed and pinned my hair, and a mere 45 minutes later my hair was done!

I never talked about my wedding day makeup...but it was never a question for me that I would be doing my own. I've always loved makeup and considered myself capable of creating the look I envisioned (I even perfected BM Scoot's makeup on her wedding day). I picked up the 24 hour Lash Blast mascara in black gold and the coordinating 24 hour liquid liner in enduring black. I also grabbed a sapphire blue eyeshadow to create a subtle blue smokey eye. I used some primer that BM Scoot had left over from her wedding, and everything else was my familiar day to day makeup.

Up until this point, I considered myself a super mellow bride. Then all of a sudden it was 1:30...no one was dressed, we had to take pictures, and be at the venue for the first look at 2. All in thirty minutes. I had a minor freak out and started requesting the girls "get dressed now so that you can help me get my dress on!". I panicked, sorry girls! Being diligent bridesmaids they added their final touches, put on their handpicked dresses and were ready to help me.

BM Candace helps BM Fawn with makeup

BM Scoot looking gorgeous!

Everyone gathered in the main living room for the main event...the main event of getting dressed that is. Time for the big.white.dress!

First we had to convince the flower girls that it was time to stop playfully fluffy the flowers...it was so special to have the girls be such a big part of my morning. Seeing them in pictures so infatuated with the process of me becoming a bride makes me smile!

A little side note: I always thought my mom would be with me when I put my wedding dress on...it was never a second thought. However, it didn't work out that way. She came over to our house to get her hair done and even brought her dress to get ready with us. But I could feel her energy, she was nervous and excited and everything in between (perhaps even a small headache from the jager the night before?!). Here she is talking with a few bridesmaids, she was entertaining for sure, as her energy kept her focus on nothing that morning. 

After she had her hair done she calmly said "I think I'll go get ready with your aunts, that way you girls can be in charge here." I think she just wasn't quite ready for that moment of her only daughter becoming a bride...maybe she wanted to see me for the first time as a bride with my dad by her side...I'm not sure why, but I nodded and said "Okay, mom. The girls can handle it." She gave me a big hug and headed back to her house to get dressed with her ladies. And it was okay; although I think if she was there it would have been more special, my girls did a great job of helping me into my dress...and it may have been a little less nerve wracking without my bawling mother there (love you mom!).

When I went for my final fitting, I found it easiest to put my cowboy boots on before my dress...now, I'm not very shy, especially in front of my girls (and apparently the photographer) and realizing that getting dressed is nearly impossible without showing some skin, I just stripped down and threw on my bridal socks and boots (yeehaw!) and then stepped into my dress. I'll spare you those pictures :) Once in my dress, I double crossed my fingers and sucked it in so I could be tightly laced into the dress.

MOH Stac did the honors of securing the back panel...

Then it was much more of a team effort by BM Fawn and BM Scoot to properly lace up the corset back...

BM Fawn then took the reigns and made sure the ribbon was perfectly cris-crossed and laying flat...

It was SO exciting to finally be at this point!!

My bridesmaids then started to adorn me with all of my accessories to make my transformation complete.

BM Hogan clasped my necklace...

BM Fawn secured my bracelet...

BM Candace put on my earrings...

The final detail was slipping on my handmade garter, making my bridal outfit complete!

Our plan was to take the girls pictures at our house and then head to the venue for the first look where we would then do more pictures with the rest of the wedding party. With the perfect snow storm happening right outside the door, my super tough (and dedicated!) bridesmaids and I headed outside for a walk in the snow. Not before a quick tug and tuck of my underskirt...BM Fawn was really on top of keeping my dress perfectly in order!

I just love this shot!!

All dressed, primped and bundled (okay a cardigan doesn't really qualify for bundled) we stepped outside to a winter wonderland...

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

·         We had a busy wedding week
·         Teamwork made our Dream Work
·         We rehearsed casually
·         There was a pizza party!
·         Friday night was Princesses, Panties & Practice
·         Bridal details made me reminisce my morning  

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