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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Honeys Do: Girls In The Snow

The girls and I left the warmth of the crackling fireplace and ventured outside...I was first out the door, leading my group of girls into the snow. A very vivid memory I have is turning around and seeing my eight bridesmaids looking just amazing. I chose to go with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses and never once did I regret that decision. There were eight different styles/fabrics/lengths of various navy blue dresses and it worked fabulously. Tied together with the matching cardigans, my heart swelled with how perfectly my girls looked.

We took a little stroll down the snow covered dirt road...the girls held hands and latched arms, paying special attention to my two pregnant bridesmaids, as Flower Girls S & B led the posse of girls. I wonder how many residents caught glimpses of the crazy winter bride and her bridesmaids!

We chatted about the breathtaking background we had surrounding us...the snow covered pine and aspen trees were just picturesque Colorado, but we also walked peacefully taking in the sound of the crunching snow beneath our cowboy boots.

The snow was quickly accumulating...here BM Hogan is telling Flower Girl M to look how much snow is on her boots.

Zak paused us on our walk and my stunning group of favorite ladies posed for this absolutely perfect picture.  

I have been a big fan of jumping shots since we got engaged, however with snow (and subsequently ice) and two preggers in the group, jumping just wasn't safe...so we stayed on the ground and showed our excitement with some hoops and hollers!

With chilly toes and a ticking clock, we had to scurry over to the venue...the snow was really starting to come down and this bride was ready to see her groom!!

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

·         We had a busy wedding week
·         Teamwork made our Dream Work
·         We rehearsed casually
·         There was a pizza party!
·         Friday night was Princesses, Panties & Practice
·         Bridal details made me reminisce my morning  
·         I became a bride!

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