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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Honeys Do: My Girl Time

This is kind of a 'fluff' post, my recaps would probably be just as complete without it but in my mind the weekend wouldn't have been complete without my Friday night. Why? Because girl time is of utmost importance to me...and I always envisioned my Friday night before the wedding being spent with my girls. Not because I didn't want to be with Mr. Honey but because I wanted my last night as a single lady to be surrounded by my girls. I rented the Mountain Serenity Home through VRBO for the girls to sleep in Friday night and get ready in Saturday morning. This home was spectacular and was beyond perfect for setting the mood for our winter mountain wedding. Complete with two fireplaces, Rocky Mountain decor and loads of windows to take in the scenery, it was just right.

I had all eight bridesmaids and our three flower girls with me that Friday night. As soon as we got to the house we promptly put on our comfy clothes and the three flower girls surprised us with their Princess outfits. How cute are they?!

The girls wanted to dance, and how could I say no to Tinkerbell and two Snow Whites?! So I twirled and jumped and twirled some more with my three 'lil ladies.

BM Fawn lives clear across the country in Boston and so she was unable to make it to the pre-wedding parties (bachelorette and bridal) so she put together a Panty Line for me and presented it during our girl time.

BM Fawn Presents Panties!

BM Hogan admiring the varieties

BM Fawn used the Panty Line poem that Mrs. French Bulldog wrote about awhile back. She gave me a pair for our wedding night, our honeymoon, Valentine's Day, our 1st anniversary, a pink and blue pair for kidd-o time, our 25th anniversary and finally a granny pair for when I'm too old to wear a thong :) It was so sweet for BM Fawn to put this together and surprise me! Plus my panty drawer is now significantly fuller (although I'm still wondering where those granny panties ended up!)

We all got comfy around the fire and settled in for a good game of Apples to Apples. I'm a big fan of this game...but after a few rounds of drinks and cards, us girls got silly!  
Remember when I told you how I wasn't going to do a bouquet toss, but do a girls dance to "Push It" instead? And how there was talk of some choreography being created? Well, this is when the choreographed moves started coming out. BM Fawn is a personal trainer and so with her voice and skillz, she stepped up and took control over the choreography. We watched that Salt-N-Peppa video more times than I can count, and before we knew it, we had the dance down! I would love to share the pictures with you, because they are quite hilarious, but we choreographed the moves with our Inners on our Outers. This silly game requires you putting your skivvies on over your clothes...so aside from my embarrassment, I think my bridesmaids would kill me if I posted pictures of them proudly rockin' their undies over their clothes (that being said, on your next girl trip you should totally do this, it makes for lots of laughs and priceless pictures)!

We started to wind down, I wrote my final Miss post and one by one my bridesmaids started to retire for the evening. With a house full of my favorite ladies, I hit the hay so I could wake up the next morning refreshed on my wedding day!!

*All photos by BM Mae

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