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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honeys Do: An Obstacle of a Recessional

Our recessional song came on (Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T's) and we started the walk back down the aisle. At the rehearsal Mr. Honey had declared that he wanted to jump off the ceremony stage, this was no surprise to me and I figured it would be funny if he did. He whispered to me "Should we jump?" and I'm pretty sure I responded with "Hell no!". Being a good husband (!) he held my hand tightly and walked down the snow packed stairs with me.

All went well until we got to the turn in the aisle...you see we had imagined a turn in the aisle at the rehearsal but we didn't get to (obviously) rehearse with snow, a big white dress, flying pom pom's and the adrenaline packed, pure excitement we were contending with now.

Here's how it went: we turned the corner, Mr. Honey stepped on my dress which combined with the slick snow resulted in a slight slip of our footing, and at the same time we were getting pelted with tossed (I swear the pom poms were being thrown not tossed!) pom pom's. This slippery slope yielded some not-so pretty, although quite funny, pictures.

Reacting to having my dress stepped on...and flying pom poms!

Both of us loosing our footing...more flying pom poms!

Laughing, and thankful we didn't fall to the ground

...and flying pom poms!

After navigating the obstacle, we made it to the warmth of the venue where we shared a special 5 seconds alone of being husband and wife. I also took this quick time to make the switcheroo with my wedding band, putting it on the bottom of my engagement ring. Now things were official :) The rest of the wedding party made their way in and shared some tearful hugs with the new Mr. and Mrs. Excuse my crazy face in the picture below, as I was clearly very excited/teary/emotional as BM Fawn and BM Scoot greeted us!

Photo by Uncle P

I vividly remember this next moment, because my parents dear friends walked in to give me a hug and I promptly introduced them to Mr. Honey as my fiance, corrected myself and for the first time ever I introduced him as my husband! And, another crazy-face by Mrs. Honey; I'm sure I'm saying "Hiiii!"

Photo by Uncle P

While we were enjoying those few seconds before the guests joined us inside, there were some sweet moments going on outside. I think my parents were proud, and clearly a little wet and cold...but I absolutely love this picture of them!

I can tell they had just wiped away tears, the lace cone in my moms hand was fresh out of pom pom's from tossing them at their newlywed daughter and my dad is tightly grasping Zeus's collar (big surprise he couldn't understand why he wasn't walking back down the aisle with us!). Pure joy in this picture!

Officiant Mark and my dad had a manly sentimental moment, and I love that I can see so much emotion in both of these important guys.

Everyone filtered in from the cold, and our venue filled up with all of our closest friends and family as the party started with an unofficial cocktail hour!

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

·         We had a busy wedding week
·         Teamwork made our Dream Work
·         We rehearsed casually
·         There was a pizza party!
·         Friday night was Princesses, Panties & Practice
·         Bridal details made me reminisce my morning  
·         I became a bride!
·         The Honey Girls took a walk in the snow
·         The Dudes got handsome
·         We did our First Look, with our doggy!
·         The Honeys posed as bride and groom
·         The Honey Dudes played in the snow
·         20 People and a Dog posed
·         I swooned over the details
·         We all trekked a snowy aisle
·         There was vows, declaration and a kiss!

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