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Monday, April 2, 2012

Honeys Do: Sweet Details and a Sticky Conundrum

We finished up with pictures and had about 45 minutes to spare before our ceremony start time. I was in a pretty little bubble, hugging people and swooning over our details. Even though I had a pretty good idea of what the space looked like when I left it the afternoon before, I soaked in the finality of what our guests would be seeing in the minutes and hours to come.

Enjoy the sweet details :)

Forever ago, I told you how I initially didn't consider our venue because of my first impression. Now, not to brag (or maybe to brag), but had I seen a picture more like this, there wouldn't have been a hesitation!

 Don't worry, the chairs are just missing because they were used for ceremony seating as well.

Our dessert buffet came together so perfectly...it was the best way to include special people and to also save a ton of money. We had nine people hand bake with love fifteen varieties of desserts. I made little dessert flags and left them on one of my hand made stands so when that person arrived with their dessert they knew where to put it. We had three varieties of pies, four varieties of cookies, two banana breads, three different cakes and three flavors of cupcakes.

Mint Chocolate Cake

Champagne, Lemon and Red Velvet Cupcakes 

The only dessert that wasn't hand made by a loved one was the 'semi official' wedding cake we fully intended to decorate with rock candy (my mom even made the dang rock candy!), but time slipped away and the rock candy just didn't get stuck to the cake. I ended up loving how adorable and simple our wedding cake looked though. And yes, our pet topper did make it's way on to the cake even though I intended for it not to be. So we got moss but no rock candy, what can ya do?

Photo by BM Mae

Our tables were set with the white tablecloths, burlap runners, twine and glitter jars with candles, and vases containing single anemone stems were scatted amongst the jars.

At the last minute, we ended up acquiring four of these decorative trees...sparkle branches with a river rock base, perfection!

In my opinion, the room was pulled together by the yarn spheres; the way they looked suspended from the vaulted ceiling just made the room feel that much more whimsical. They were a lot of work, but worth every.single.second.

Our take on a guestbook, hand collected river and creek stones, sat outside in it's own rockin' (ha!) display.

Something I never shared with the hive (forgive me!) was the Pom Pom project. Inspired by Mrs. Magic and then again by Mrs. Macaroons, I started the Pom Pom project a year in advance but I still didn't fully complete it. I even threw a Pom Pom making party with my girls and then recruited BM Cruise and GM Steele to help me make more the week before the wedding (that was entertaining) but I only ended up with around 200 when I would have liked to have had closer to 500. I wasn't going to let the ones we did make go to waste though, so I picked up 20 paper doilies and made cones for the first 20 guests that picked one up. I gave a bunch to the flower girls and put the remaining ones in a basket for guests to just take a few if they wanted.

A last minute project I also didn't share (my goodness, I'm a bad blogger bride!) was the super quick banners made for the bar (Cheers!), dessert bar (Love Is Sweet) and the dance floor (Just Dance!). They spruced up the blank walls and added a little sparkle...sparkle makes anything more pretty, right? These just required triangles cut out of card stock, tape and glitter, a heart hole punch and colored twine. Easy peasy.

Decorating one wall was also our framed Yarnogram that the hive helped me so much with. This picture just doesn't do it justice because it actually turned out really cute!

Photo by BM Scoot

My dream of having anemones came true, thanks to our local grocery store and my mom's great friend who put together all of our flowers. I ended up with ten stems of anemones, the eight girls each had four stems, all six guys, both dads and Officiant Mark had one pinned to their vests and my mom pinned one to her dress. While not the biggest and fluffiest bouquet of all time, flowers weren't a priority for me and it was really easy on the budget...which was good because anemones aren't known to be affordable. I was a happy bride.

Photo by BM Scoot

 And, oh what's that I see? My Mini Me Moniker and the Bees...the Hive was with me that day!

And, last but certainly not least was my dad's arch...and also the first thing guests saw as they arrived at our venue. A perfectly crafted rustic arch with a few yarn spheres and white lights for a whimsical touch.

All of the above was (mostly) positive, so what is the sticky conundrum I referred to in my title? One of the things I would change about our day (trust me there are only like three minor, minor things).

Our Sticky Conundrum:
Being that we did our first look and formal pictures at our venue, after we were done we all migrated to the inside of the venue. Due to the snow storm, however, some of our guests started to arrive early in anticipation of snow accumulation on the roads. When guests arrive early in a snow storm, they certainly aren't going to (nor where they expected to) wait outside for the ceremony to begin. Naturally the early arriving guests also moved in doors. Where the wedding party was. Where the parents where. And also where this bride was casually hanging out, clinging glasses with her girls. Conundrum (really I just like that word).

I was standing outside oogling over the guest book, when BM Kel Bel approached and asked if I really wanted guests to see me already. The answer was no, no I didn't. I kind of forgot that even though Mr. Honey had seen me in my big white dress, our guests still had not. And we had not planned out a hiding place for me to go to in the event of snow. What we should have done instead is the first look and formal pictures at another location, like the home I rented. This would have allowed us to relax without those early arrivers getting glimpses of the wedding party. Take note if you are doing a first look to think about this situation! Also, have you noticed that I haven't shared any family formals? That's because of the conundrum. Sure we finished with wedding party early, but even then we had people showing up...preventing us from taking family formals. Not to fret, I do in fact have pictures with my family and I can't wait to share our problem solving with you, but it still presented a problem. Back to figuring out what to do with the bride...

I got stuck on the very back of the porch, under a fleece blanket with a glass of wine for about 20 minutes. But once I started getting chilly, I pulled the Bride Card. I decided I was taking over one of two restrooms and declared it my safe haven. Yes, I spent the final ten minutes of single life in a bathroom. In the moments leading up to aisle time, my eight bridesmaids and three flower girls joined me in the bathroom...something we never planned but that will never be forgotten. It's those moments you'll remember when you are old and gray!

Photo from BM Mae

With everything in place, guests waiting, we had nothing left to do. My groom gave the thumbs up...

Photo by Aunt M
And it was go time!

*Unless otherwise notes, all Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

·         We had a busy wedding week
·         Teamwork made our Dream Work
·         We rehearsed casually
·         There was a pizza party!
·         Friday night was Princesses, Panties & Practice
·         Bridal details made me reminisce my morning  
·         I became a bride!
·         The Honey Girls took a walk in the snow
·         The Dudes got handsome
·         We did our First Look, with our doggy!
·         The Honeys posed as bride and groom
·         The Honey Dudes played in the snow
·         20 People and a Dog posed

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