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Friday, April 27, 2012

Honeys Do: BBQ, The Perfect Dinner to Kickstart a Marriage

The DJ's gave the guests a good hour of socializing and after confirming that the food was ready and my bustle was as good as it was gonna get, they declared it food time! Which meant first, we got to be officially announced. As husband and wife. As Mr. & Mrs. Honey!

We stood just outside the door as the DJ got the attention of our guests and requested they find seats so the feast could begin.

It took a few minutes for the guests to follow instructions, so Mr. Honey and I enjoyed the fresh air as we gripped hands waiting for the announcement. This moment hyped us up, and was captured by the photographers, which happens to be one of my absolute favorites from the day.

We didn't pick a song to make our entrance to, instead we just took in the cheers and applause of our guests. Me with a big grin, and Mr. Honey looking a little overwhelmed, we made our way through the crowd...

...and right into the food line! I was not going to be a bride that didn't eat; in fact I was starving and I couldn't wait to get some of that BBQ!

Serious Texas BBQ was the perfect choice for our wedding; of course it was delicious and obviously the employees were helpful (hey-a neighbors!!), but most importantly our desire for plentiful, filling food was met.

As a refresher, we offered 70 pounds of meat divided between pulled pork, smoked sausage and turkey. The side options were beans, cheezy potatoes and coleslaw. And a baked potato bar, with topping options of butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, or queso. Both my new hubby and I went with the Serious Texas coined special, the 'Tater. We filled a baked potato with pulled pork, poured queso over the meat and topped with sour cream. YUM. It's now a tradition, every Wednesday we treat ourselves to 'Tater Night!

We oh-so-romantically fed each other bites of the meat-potato-cheesiness, and I'm surprised we managed to not spill a drop of BBQ sauce or queso on our wedding day attire. Go team!

Following in our footsteps, GM J.C. and GM Steele decided they wanted to share bites too:

After the wedding party was seated, the DJ decided to play a game with the guests to determine which row of people would be next up for the food line. Whichever row 'won' his question, they would be next up. This worked well, because I hadn't given any thought to how the line would work (clearly I was more focused on decorations than logistics, oops!).

His first question was to see which couple in attendance had been married the longest. It was BM Candace's parents coming in at 37 years..they were shocked when they realized they were the record breakers! They claimed they weren't old enough to be the longest married :) While 37 years is in fact a long time, it is usually the grandparents who take the cake on this one; but my Papa was the lone grandparent and he was a bachelor for the wedding. After the first row made their way to the food line, our guests started to get a little antsy. Admittedly, the line did move a bit slow; but people were piling the food high! We did loose a good handful of people as well, due to the twelve inches of snow that accumulated outside.

Everyone devoured their food, tables were cleared, the DJ's were set up, and we were ready for the party to start...it was finally time to dance! Woop woop!

*All Photos by the talented duo of Zak Fleming Photography

·         We had a busy wedding week
·         Teamwork made our Dream Work
·         We rehearsed casually
·         There was a pizza party!
·         Friday night was Princesses, Panties & Practice
·         Bridal details made me reminisce my morning  
·         I became a bride!
·         The Honey Girls took a walk in the snow
·         The Dudes got handsome
·         We did our First Look, with our doggy!
·         The Honeys posed as bride and groom
·         The Honey Dudes played in the snow
·         20 People and a Dog posed
·         I swooned over the details
·         We all trekked a snowy aisle
·         There were vows, declaration and a kiss!
·         Our recessional was tricky
·         Guests drank and I bustled

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