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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eight Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress.

I dropped the clue of how many bridesmaids I will be having in my last post, but in case you missed it, I have 8. Eight lovely ladies standing up with me on our wedding day, that's a lot of girls to worry about dressing. Don't fret I will introduce the Honey 'Maids soon. Today I'm talking about the search of what to have the girls wear. My bridesmaids dress search was, um, not.fun. So rather than bore you with my freak outs, meltdowns, and indecision making I have created a step by step guide on how I came to the conclusion of what my girls will wear.
Step One. Image search the crap out of bridesmaids dresses:
Image via Love and Lavendar 
(sources included there)

Step Two. Being overwhelmed with the choices, go ahead and just pick something and send out an email to your ladies telling them "what they'll wear". (My first idea was gray dresses paired with tights and Uggs to make the party look more wintery.)

Gray dress Image via Once Wed/Photo by Jill Thomas
Tights Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Levi Matthew Photography
Uggs Image via Clark + Walker Photography/Photo by Clark + Walker Photography

Step Three. Mull over your decision for two months, all the while looking at wedding blogs. Second guess your original decision because of pictures like these: 
Image via Ruffled/Photo by Kelly Kano

Image via Forget Me Knot/Photo by Sean Walker

Step Four. Change your mind on original decision because Gray Dress + Black Tights + Gray Uggs is what I like to call frumpalicious and was a split second decision. If panic ensues, switch around your color palette and introduce a new color because it fits your vision better:

Image via Wedding Chicks/Photo by Edyta Szyszlo
Step Five. Take feedback from your girls and  tweak the color of dresses once more and settle on a new color that is universally flattering:
Image via The Knot/Photo by Pen Carlson

Step Six. Realize the TREND you have fallen for. Collect loads of inspiration pictures from wedding blogs and actually enjoy browsing bridesmaid's dresses:

Image via Ruffled/Photo by Feather Love Photography

Step Seven. Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine because, you my friend, are done searching for bridesmaids dresses. The answer was under you nose - er - on your computer screen all along:

Image via Petdog Online/Photo by Jen Rodriguez

One more? Okay, twist my arm because this next picture is purrrrfect:

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Watson Studios
Step Eight. Jump on the amazing bandwagon that is mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Put full faith in your girls to choose their own dress (with a few guidelines) and feel the burden lift off your shoulders.
Painless, right?
Who else is loving this trend and gave their 'maids full control over which dress they will wear? Who thinks I'm crazy?

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