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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saying Yes

So I had tried on dresses and left you in suspense about which one I had chose. I thought about it a lot over the next twenty-four hours and the the way I see it is that a girl could go on and on and...on trying on dress after dress. I seriously could have and would have enjoyed another adventure in wedding dress shopping. However, ff we wanted to do another shopping trip, it would entail us driving either to Albuquerque (3.5 hours away), Grand Junction (4 hours away), Denver (6 hours away) or California (12 hours away...hey while we're driving, might as well go to the beach!). On top gas, you gotta throw in hotel rooms and food and all without a guarantee that I would find a dress that I loved *as much* as I loved the one from earlier that day. On top of the added expenses, it's tiring...fun, but tiring, trying on wedding dresses. Is it possible that the more you try on the more you are indecisive? I was positive that's how I would end up.

Image via Piccsy.com 

But we left New Mexico that day empty handed. When I got back home the first thing I did was Google the dress that I loved...and stared and stared at it. Yup, I wanted it. An extra bonus, the Allure Trunk show offered a 10% discount if I purchased my dress by the following Wednesday. Done and done.

As luck fate would have it, I actually had to drive back to Farmington on Tuesday for a work test. And, AND Silk Bridal was right.across.the.street from the testing location. I called Mama Honey and told her I was going to get the dress. Her response? "Oh goooood! I loved the dress!". If we wouldn't have gone on that Saturday, the trunk show, I would not have been able to try on my dress. I wouldn't be getting the 10% discount. The universe was screaming to me GET THE DRESS! So I listened.

I was excited to go pay for the dress and take pictures, since I wasn't able to before. But, she had moved on to her new bridal salon for another trunk show. That didn't stop me, I threw down the card, signed on the dotted line and was told it would be 3-4 months before my dress came. My wedding dress!!!

Oh what's that? You want to see which one I picked? Okay, here she is:

{Allure 8806}

Yup, the second dress I tried on, on my first wedding dress shopping trip was THE DRESS. The top is flattering with the sweetheart neckline, but the bottom of the dress is my favorite detail. The flowers are soft and flowy and add a little whimsical detail, while still keeping it down to earth for our rustic venue. I love her.

I never had the tearful, angels singing, meltdown moment when I put this dress on BUT I did know as soon as I saw myself in it, that it was the one I wanted. Buying the dress was a big chunk of money and our wedding budget...and buying the dress makes the wedding real. Not that I didn't feel like it wasn't real before. But I bought a wedding dress, the dress I will become a wife in.

Hive, tell me how quickly or not-so-quickly your wedding dress shopping was! Anyone else feel like the universe was telling you something about a certain dress?

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