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Monday, May 30, 2011

Visualizing the Ceremony

Inspiration boards are probably one of the coolest things about being a 21st century bride. I've made multiple boards, only to change them up again and again. But, like Miss Magic, I was having a difficult time piecing the entire celebration together in one board. So, thanks to her, I began creating smaller boards for different parts of the day. It was much easier on my brain.

So in an effort to wrap my own mind around my own thoughts, I need a visual list of what needs to ultimately come together before W-Day. Mama Honey is off for the summer so we want to craft, craft, craft, and I need that running visual list of what needs to happen. Here is my Ceremony Inspiration Board: 

Top: Outdoor Ceremony image via Rocway Glen/Personal Picture of our Venue/image of Burlap Aisle Runner
Middle: Seating Sign image via Love Is/Hot Chocolate Bar by Simply Stunning Ideas/Yarn Pom's image via Green Wedding Shoes & Photo by Jill Thomas/Yarn Spheres from Wednesday Custom Design
Bottom: Candle Lit Aisle via Everyday Bride/Decorated Arch/Rustic Arch image via Pinterest/Forget me Knot Weddings

Our venue has a full wraparound deck with great log beams that we plan on decking out with cafe lights (i.e. Christmas lights because they will be on sale.) The chairs for the guests will be arched towards the elevated stage where our wedding party will stand, hopefully covered with snow. A hot drink bar will greet our guests as they go to sit down. Think: hot chocolate, coffee and cider with Peppermint Schnapps and Kahlua as mix ins. We will also have free standing heaters and a couple chiminea's scattered throughout the space. I love the idea of not having a bride & groom side seating, and I adore the wording in that sign: 'Come As You Are, Stay As Long As You Can, We're All Family So No Seating Plan'.

I have gone back and forth on what to have tossed at us as we walk back down the aisle, which I will contemplate in a post soon, but thanks to Miss Macaroons, I came across the pom pom's and so it ended up in this board (Thank you!!)

The space we plan to use for our outdoor winter reception is cement, but we are counting on the Colorado winter to bring us snow to cover the cement. With the lack of character the cement stage offers, it is forcing allowing me to be uber creative with our arch. Right now I think we will form the arch out of Aspen trees and then decorate the arch with the yarn spheres, in our colors. To say I'm obsessed with these spheres might be an understatement. I picture smaller versions of the spheres decorating the chairs also. I have two arches on the board because I love the pops of color in the middle picture, but love the shape and rustic feel of the one in the corner.

If we have a fresh snow or enough snow cover on the ground, I don't think I'll need to worry about the aisle, since it too is cement, but it's always good to have a backup plan. In the situation that we don't have enough snow and I'm worried about it being drizzly and wet, we will have a burlap aisle runner on hand. I also want candles to line the aisle, adding some visual warmth.

Creating the mini inspiration board really helped me focus on the ceremony details.

Did you have a hard time conceptualizing the entire vision of your wedding? Is anyone else contending with cement for their ceremony space?

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