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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's Mine, All Mine!

I made the leap and bought my dress, and was told it would be 3-4 months before she came in. Being the doodle-on-calendar lover that I am, I marked the 3 month date and the 4 month date...the 4 month date happened to be my birthday so I figured that would be the perfect birthday present.

BUT, a short three weeks later, a call from the 505 area code came in..."Whaaaaattt? My dress is IN!?". I promptly (okay, it took me a few days to call them back because I was working on getting the rest of the funds together to pay for the dress) called the shop and set up an appointment to go pick her up.

After work one Friday Mama Honey and I hopped in my car and started the 45 minute trek to New Mexico. Half way there my car started to shake and began making this terrible sound..I had gotten a flat tire. Boo! Neither Mama Honey or I had changed a flat tire, but fortunately this nice gentleman stopped to help us. We told him we were on our way to buy my wedding dress and he got us up and running in a hot second. I feared we would be late, the shop would close, I would not get to see my dress that day and I would have a meltdown on their front step. Fear not, even after having to drive 50 mph for over 30 miles, we arrived on time.

I suddenly had this nervous feeling rush over me; before it was the sample dress I had fallen in love with, but this time it was my fabric, my flowers, my lace up in the back. Wow. We skipped the Spanx and corset for this try on, that's too time consuming, plus I knew she wasn't going to fit me. We ordered the dress a size bigger then I think we should have. I could have fit into the size down, but the girls (both the sales consultants and my, ahem, girls...I seem to gain weight in the upper torso area) insisted that it's easier to take in a dress than it is to let one out. I'm not gonna lie, the size of the dress we ordered was hard for me to accept because I just felt like I wasn't that size. And that was confirmed while I was swimming in my dress the day I picked her up. I know that it will be tailored to fit me, and it's comforting knowing I won't be squishing into my dress on W-Day. But, damn you, wedding dress designers, help us girls out and DON'T size up your dresses 4 sizes, boooo!

Moving on, and moving on to pictures of me in my dress! Mama Honey was just flailing around the salon taking pictures without warning me so the shots of me looking happy and not making funny faces are slim pickin's. Looking at the pictures I can tell the dress is too big for me, but even with it not fitting perfectly, I.love.it. Have I said that yet?!

At the risk of sounding negative, but to also assure myself that the dress is in fact too big: the boob cups pook (all technical terms, of course) out beyond my chest. The point where the flower bottom begins need to be raised an inch or two, closer to my hips. There is excess material in the abdomen area, that could be fixed either by lacing the back properly or by altering it.

{Mama Honey and I}

The Details! Obviously the lace up ribbon will be tucked in properly, and hopefully the flowers will hit my booty in all the right places, not far below it.

When I picked up my dress we were still nine months out so I have plenty of time to get her altered AND kick my butt into gear for working out and trimming up. For now, she sits in her purty little bag, tucked not-so-nicely behind our spare room door.

Mr. Honey and I are pretty un-traditional peeps, and sticking with non-tradition I showed him the dress the day I got it. He didn't see me in the dress but he saw it in raw form, which for any guy, it's hard to picture the bigger picture: hair done, fitting right, perfect makeup and accessories on the big day so I'm not worried. I don't think our marriage will be cursed because he saw the dress as a piece of fabric. He woke up the next morning and said, "I love your beautiful wedding dress, babe". That's when I knew I made the right decision to show him. I got to point out my favorite details and say "Feel how soft the flower are! Look at the perfect neckline!" Things I'm not sure I would remember to point out to him on the big day, and let's face it, most males don't pick up on the details we fall so in love with about our dress.

Who else showed their soon-to-be-hubby the elusive wedding dress?!

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your dress!