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Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Results

I did it, I got up at 1:45 am on Friday morning and watched the Royal Wedding. I slept for about an hour and half in between...about half way through their vows and woke up just in time to see the first kiss on the balcony:

{First Kiss!}

I teared up when Prince William & Prince Harry arrived at the Westminster Abbey:

{Princes in Uniform}

I was filled with excitement when Kate stepped out of the Goring hotel and made her way to the church, waving at all the spectators:

{What a ride!}

I teared up again when the Princess-to-be was waiting to walk to the long aisle to her groom:

{Ready for the aisle}

I laughed when Prince Harry turned around to catch a glimpse and whispered to Prince William "Wait until you see her!". And my heart melted when Prince William told his bride she looked beautiful:

{Beautiful Bride}

My royal predictions were wayyyyy off. Kate went very traditional for the celebration. Her gown was incredibly gorgeous and I love that she took a bit of a risk with her deep V-neckline. Her flower bouquet was so minimal, it was almost non-existent. Her bride maids dress was incredible- but I guess it helps that Pippa is stunning. I'm still not sure what kind of shoes she wore, but being that she went so traditional in every other aspect, I'm guessing she did not wear colored shoes.

{Stunning Dresses!}

I thought the wedding was spectacular and I'm so glad I woke up and was sleep deprived for the rest of the day Friday, just to see the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge be wed:

{The Newlyweds}

Happily Ever After.

** All images via People.com and their Royal Wedding Coverage **

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