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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Beloved's, Part Two

I recently talked about our trial run with the yarn sphere's. A few weekends ago Mama Honey and I met in my kitchen for round two. We stuck to pretty much the same tutorial from my last post, but we changed one thing: we didn't use cornstarch. This made the process much cleaner, we weren't covered in head to toe with the sticky mixture, which also made everything easier and quicker. We set up, and of course the Honey kittens were more than excited about something new and noisy on the floor:

Plastic Table Cloths are SO fun!

We dipped, We Wrapped, We Tied

We were able to get 33 spheres done in about 3 hours; much more efficient than last time. This makes my total count to just over 40. Mama Honey was a genius and brought some drying racks along that made for hanging the drying spheres way easier.

One drying rack of Spheres
Once again I let them dry a full 24 hours and then popped them outside, for my end result:

Hello, Lovers!
Last time I had balloon's pop in the middle of the drying process that resulted in sad spheres. Remember how we opted not to use cornstarch this time? Well for some reason the peach yarn did not hold it's shape at all, and I ended up with loose peach spheres:

I have no earthly idea why only the peach yarn didn't hold, because the others turned out great, and we used the same mix for all the other colors of yarn. I saved the loose spheres, just like I did the sad ones, just in case I decide to go art deco in the venue. I This batch also isn't nearly as sturdy as the previous, I think because of the lack of cornstarch. Who knew that a .99 box of cornstarch was so important! Oh well you can't win them all.

My main reason for writing this follow up post is to tell you to use cornstarch if you are going to use a similar tutorial to craft some yarn spheres! Take it from this Bee, the messiness of the cornstarch is worth it in the end. We are going to do one more batch, just to get a few more peach and gray, but you won't see anymore of my obsession with the yarn spheres until the big day...maybe.

For another alternative tutorial for these amaze-balls, check out Miss Ferris Wheel's tutorial here. Check it out, she did a great job.

Hive, tell me about your DIY projects that you have had to experiment with once, twice or three times!

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