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Monday, August 8, 2011

When He Said Yes

I told you all about how Mr. Honey proposed to me and how he put the beautiful sparkly on my left hand finger. I still catch myself staring at it and admiring the reflection from the multitude of diamonds while cruising in my car, it's distracting at times.

Hanging on a Wildflower
Nestled in Some Beads
Encompassing our Initials
There's more to our story, though. You see Mr. Honey thought it was only fair that if I get bling, he gets bling. "Why should I have to wait for a ring when you get to wear one now?" was his general argument. At the time I had only known of one other couple where the guy had an engagement ring too, and I liked the idea. I wasn't going to take a stab in the dark and try to decide what ring to get him, he can be rather picky, so I wanted his opinion. We went ring shopping and he very quickly decided on the ring that was for him. Done and done. Mr. Honey does not do well with surprises, it drives him crazy knowing that there is something for him that he can't have. Birthday presents? I bet he opens them and re-wraps them. Christmas Presents? He probably searches the whole house to find out what I got him.

Everyday he asked when his ring would be in and I got an unhealthy amount of pleasure watching him squirm (hey, there was nothing he could do to figure this one out, it was my only chance for a real surprise!). The day came in that his ring was ready to be picked up and I had already decided I would propose to him. I had to wait two hours for him to get home and even though he had done all the hard work of actually asking me, I still had this nervous feeling. I can't imagine how he must have felt the day we got engaged. He walked in the door from work and turned the corner to find me kneeling one knee presenting his ring. Half laughing, half anxious, blubbered "Will you marry me?". Mr. Honey was ecstatic, maybe because I proposed, but probably because he had his ring.   
Sitting Proudly

Chillaxin on a Coaster
Mr. Honey choose the Tungsten and Carbide band with the one diamond setting, from Kay Jewelers. It's manly and tough with just the perfect amount of bling.

I love that both of us have rings to symbolize our commitment to each other even prior to our marriage. Sure, we live together and pay bills together, but the fact that the man proudly rocks his ring now, makes my heart smile. Plus our rings look pretty darn good together.

Sparkling against the Rust

Love the Colorado High Country

Adorning more Wildflowers
Embellishing some Door Knobs
 Okay, full disclosure: I have always swooned over ring porn posts from other Bees, but I had a crappy point and shoot camera. Mr. Honey took the one million hints I gave over the last few months and gifted me with a schaweeet camera for my birthday recently. Now, my new favorite thing is taking close up shots of pretty things in unexpected locations, and our rings are the perfect models. Check out Mrs. Meerkats helpful hints for photographing your ring here.
Did you propose to your mister? How much do you love ring porn?   

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