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Monday, August 22, 2011

Movin' and Shakin'

We are down to the five month countdown and I feel like I am finally making moves in the wedding planning arena. We have been engaged for just over a year now, and there have been plenty of times that I didn't feel like I was doing a good job as a bride-in-planning. I felt sub-par with my capabilities, even though I had the vision, I couldn't jump start the actual process. It didn't help that I was a devoted reader of Weddingbee, and read the chronicles of brides executing and finalizing all their details. But me? I didn't want to think about food or lodging or linens. I spent all my wedding brain on getting inspired but never acting on that inspiration. How in the h-e double hockey sticks was I going to get this thing put together? Well last week the wedding planning dam broke loose and I began checking things off the list at an insanely fast pace. Who would have guessed that one little purchase would be such a monumental event?

The well received culprit, a purchase from Zulily:
Personal Picture...Sneak Peek of Flower Girl Attire!
Then I started this Pom Pom crafting project, which I'm now slightly addicted to:
Yes the pile isn't that big yet, but this was a quick 45 minutes!
We visited the site Open Ministry for a very important person in our wedding. I also got myself a custom listing set up with an adorable Etsy chop called IttyBitty Wood Shoppe. Hint: they make cute things to go on top of yummy things.

We had a date with our venue and a measuring tape this past weekend to figure out how we will set up the space, which means we I get to start putting together more details and planning table decorations:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Carrie Patterson
My dress will be unzipped from her bag this week and will be put on for the first time since I bought her, for my first official fitting. This calls for me to have all sorts of things lined up by then, like shoes and my under-pretties.
She's patiently waiting!
I discovered fabric rosette jewelry somewhere along the way: 
Image via Little Birdies Secrets
Last, but the farthest thing from the least; remember our photographer dilemma? Well, I'm going to leave you hanging with this super-duper-huge-smile-inducing teaser: we found a photographer that fits our vision, has crazy ridiculous talent, and is far below our budget. While I'm dying to divulge the goods, the full story deserves it's own post. This is just scratching the surface of things that came to be in the last week so needless to say it has been such a huge week for the Honey wedding and I can't wait to share all the goods with you!

Has anyone else felt unproductive as a planning bride? Did you have a purchase that opened your planning floodgates?! Tell me I'm not the only one!

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