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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

I used to have a spending problem; a spending-money-on-shoes-I-never-wear problem. I used to wear heels nearly every day and I loved buying heels. But I was a cheap shoe buyer. Like Ross and Target, cheap. I always wanted to drop a couple Benjamin's on a pair of shoes, but I just never could whip out the credit card for a pair. As a result, my closet was filled with cheap heels. A couple years back BM Hogan had a shoe intervention of sorts; she made me realize that the majority of my shoes had never.been.worn. Since then, I have slowly gotten rid of shoes and I'm down to a shoe rack with twelve pairs; okay this doesn't include my flip flops, tennis shoes and boots, but I did reduce my collection to about a quarter of it's original glory. My shoe habits have since changed pretty drastically.

Four out of the five days at work, I wear my stand by super small wedge and if it's not that wedge, it's a pair of kitten heels...and on the weekend? I'm either in flip flops or Ugg's, depending on the season. Now, when I wear a normal heel, it kills my feet. Like aching in five minutes, get these damn things off me now! It makes me beyond sad that the muscles that used to allow me to rock heels everyday, are gone. Why am I telling you all of this? Obviously it relates to my wedding day shoes and the fact that I will not be wearing these, or anything remotely similar:
Image via Weddingism

Le Sigh. They are so stunning and so wedding-y, but too much heel for me..oh, yes, and we are getting married in January in Colorado. Snow and heels isn't the most ideal combination. I had to begin thinking about other options that would work for our winter wedding. Ugg's were the first obvious choice, I loved seeing Mrs. Champagne sport the Ugg's for her snowy photo shoot. I even told my bridesmaid's early on in planning that I wanted us to all wear Ugg's, but this was all premature. (Although seeing Miss Sunhat's post on sparkly Ugg's made me want them again...what's with my indecisiveness?!) Sometime after we settled on our rustic venue, mismatched dresses and a final color palette, I came across this picture:
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Watson Studios

I know, I know...I have already referenced this picture, but it is like this picture was meant for my inspiration file; it's perfect for the look I'm going after. That's right, the Honey 'maids and I will be showcasing cowboy boots for our wedding! They strike the perfect balance of warm and stylish. They fit so perfectly with our venue and majority of the girls already own a pair of cowboy boots. For the couple that don't, I'm searching high and low for just the right pair for them. As for me, I will share my story about boots next.

In case you need convincing that girls in dresses and cowboy boots is just pure awesome sauce, here you go:
Image via Once Wed/Photo by Steven Myers Photography
Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Jose Villa Photo 
The Sand Dollar Wedding!
Image via Weddingbee/Photo by Scott V
Did your wedding season have an influence on your wedding shoes? Who else had/has a cheap shoe obsession? Let's talk shoes (and boots), hive!

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