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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Facebook Saved Us

Being without a photographer is not a fun place to be. I worried big time about this and mostly kept my concerns to myself; I knew bringing it up every time I had the thought pass through my mind would only stress and annoy the mister. Sure we talked about it but it always came back to: "We can't afford what you want, Miss Honey". Hrmph. Somehow, though, I just had this feeling that it would be okay. We had a couple leads from other  And then the answer came in the form of a Facebook status update, which I very well could have 'liked' one million times.
Image via The Atlanta Journalism-Constitution
A friend of mine from college, was just starting in the wedding photography business and was looking for couples to take a risk with him and allow him to shoot their wedding and use the pictures in his portfolio. With risk, comes reward, and our reward for taking a chance with a new wedding photographer was the price. Ready for this? It starts with 'n' and ends with 'a'...or starts with 'z' and ends with 'h'. Give up? Nada, Zilch...Free!

Image from Cheezburger.com
While we do realize the huge gamble we are taking here, all of our hesitations were put to rest when we met with Brandon, of Studio BSL, last week. We met in his framing studio and learned that he has years and years of photography experience. He has most recently been working in commercial model photography, but also offers a creative talent when it comes to shooting action and still shots. The trade off here is that he doesn't have any proof, if you will, of being a successful wedding photographer. Here is an example of his non-wedding photography, it's stun.ning, right? The guy has talent:
Image by Brandon of Studio BSL
The icing on the cake is that Brandon's specialty and where he intends on fitting into the wedding industry is with the highly coveted wedding films. He has a branch of his business devoted to films, called Silver Summit Films. He has shot a few wedding films, which to no surprise, I was in love with. His second shooter (both photography and film) comes from the empire known as Disney, so needless to say, the Honey's are frantically working the budget to see if we can pull it together to get a film of our wedding day. We are hoping that by saving a ton of dough in the photo area we will be able to offer our gratitude to Brandon with the purchase of a film...double and triple crossing our fingers.

We feel beyond lucky to have this opportunity essentially fall in our laps and on the flip side we are loving that we can help an up-and-coming wedding photographer build his portfolio. Being that we are both risk takers, we are a-okay with taking this chance on a photographer, especially when the price is right and the skills are there.

Would you ever take a gamble with your wedding photography like this?! Who else would jump at the opportunity?

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