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Monday, November 14, 2011

All About Anemone's

I've been pretty nonchalant about wedding flowers and bouquets throughout most of my planning. It's really a direct result of not having a very big budget, so florals were placed under the importance of food, beer and music. And, my wedding dress.

I'm drawn to the more expensive bouquets consisting of succulents, and bigger blooms like peonies. If I couldn't have what I wanted, then I just didn't care that much. As snooty as that sounds, it was more that I just accepted that our flowers weren't going to my dream flowers. I was perfectly content going to the local grocer and buying whatever flowers were available and arranging our own bouquets the night before the wedding. Mama Honey and MOH Stac, however, weren't having it. They envisioned more perfect flowers for my wedding day.

A long, long time ago I fell in love with this shoot featured on Style Me Pretty. I adored all the elements but what really caught my eye were the flowers, I had never seen them before. Suddenly I was enamored with Anemone's.
Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Jessica Claire / Styled by Jesi Haack
Those pretty white pedals against the dark, almost blue looking center is just the perfect flower for a winter wedding and it also happened to fit perfectly with our color palette. I wrote them off immediately, though, because my quick research proved them to be too expensive. But the dang things kept popping up everywhere and I couldn't get them out of my head. My mom didn't forget them either and each time I mentioned my plan for cheap and easy flowers from the grocery store, she always referred back to the Anemone's. We were both dreaming of them. Mama Honey has made numerous phone calls over the past couple weeks to price out these beauties. They were coming in around $4 or $5 a stem, equating to way more money than we had for florals. My mom, however, did not give up and called recently with some news; the florist at our grocery store would give them to us for $2.50 a stem. *Squeee*!! She will order them for us and then we will still create the bouquet, which is a-okay with me.

Here's how they will work for the Honey Wedding. The bouquets will consist of all white Anemone's:
Image via Southern Living/Photo by Q Weddings
The guys will wear a single Anemone for their boutonniere's:
Image via GoodWeddingInvitation/Photo by Binita Patel Photography
To save money, our bouquet's will double as centerpieces at the reception, placed amongst our twine wrapped and glitter decorated jars. We will also scatter a few single stems in cute vases throughout the tablescapes as well:
Image via Ruffled/Photo by John Schnack /Designed By Lollipop Events & Design
As much as I tried not to care about flowers, making this step in the right direction has gotten me very excited about visualizing them on our wedding day. I always knew I'd carry flowers, but the bouquet was blank in my imagination, and now it's filled in with the perfect Anemone's.

What kind of flower do you just have to have in your bouquet? Any other Anemone lovers out there?

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