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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Two Dress...Mother of the Bride

My mom loves shopping, but she loves shopping for me and not for herself. Every once in awhile she'll find a cute top or a new pair of PJ's, but that's usually for every ten things she finds that is intended for me. When it came to what she would wear for the wedding, as expected, she was pretty casual about her expectations. Until one day I sensed in her voice that she was slightly worried, and then she told me that she had my aunt searching the Internet for her because she "just couldn't find anything". My aunt sent her links to some Nordstrom dresses, I search David's Bridal, but nothing was standing out. I decided that Internet shopping was not going to work. 

Knowing how much my mom dislikes trying on clothes and spending money on said clothes, I knew it was going to have to be a sneak-attack. The opportunity was perfect this past weekend when we took Saturday to drive over to New Mexico to get some wedding tasks accomplished...I had a full list of things and on that list I didn't mention one time we were going to look at Dillard's for a dress for her. She probably wouldn't have gotten in the car, plus she was just getting over a horrible cold and wasn't feeling her best that day. We ran the first few errands and then I casually mentioned that we should check out Ross for some baskets, knowing that to get to Ross, we had to walk through Dillard's. It was perfect, within the first few steps of the store, I spotted a cute dress, grabbed it and demanded we look around some more. I'm so clever!

Next thing you know, we had a good 10 dresses and my mom was getting into the spirit. Once we had the selection and she began trying them on, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. There were very few requirements for her dress; nothing too formal, flattering, comfy, and the option to wear tights and other warm accessories.

She didn't even come out of the dressing room if she didn't like the dress on her, so the first one I saw was one I pulled, this cute black number:
Heyy Mama Honey!
I think she was ready to just buy this one and call it day, it fit her so perfectly. The skirt is a lot flouncier in real life, and the neckline is just beautiful. She loved the cut of the collar. As she tried on a few more, she kept saying "I just love the black one!" but I urged her to try on the others. Plus, there was one I was really excited to see. 
Seriously, with that waistline, I don't think a dress could look bad on her! We both really liked this one, too, it was SO flattering on her without being to over the top. This was a royal blue color, though, and I feared that it would look like we failed miserably at trying to match my mom to the wedding party; the blue was too close to navy but so far at the same time. As if it could be even more perfect, they had a pretty royal purple:

This color looked great on her skin tone, and it coordinates with the rest of our color palette. Now we had to decide which of the two she wanted; we walked away and got an Icee, came back and she confidently declared she was getting both! She had planned to spend around $150 for her MOB dress, and instead she got two for $150. The black dress was $99, and the purple dress was on sale $54. One she may wear for the rehearsal and the other for the wedding, but she hasn't decided that part yet.

I bet if we had declared that day that we would find her MOB dress, it wouldn't have happened. Isn't that the way it always goes? Instead Mama Honey found two perfectly gorgeous dresses, making this one of the easiest tasks to date. Now we are on the lookout for suede boots and jewelry to round out her outfits.

Was shopping for your mom's dress easier or more difficult than you expected? Anyone else have to plan a a covert-op?!

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