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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Between my spheres and the pom pom's I'm (still) making, yarn is ending up with quite the presence in our big day. We aren't doing a monogram on our cake, so when I came across yarn wrapped letters, I knew it was the perfect way to incorporate our initials, and yes, more yarn.

Image via Aim High Photography
I bought some whimsical wooden letters at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. Where they promptly sat untouched for a couple months, until this last week.

I plopped in front of the TV and put on an episode of Law & Order SVU, expecting to knock this out in an hour or so...how difficult could it be to wrap yarn around a piece of wood?! I'll tell you, it was a P.I.T.A. My one episode of SVU turned into four or five episodes, and lots of cursing. See those pretty little curly details on the letters? I didn't think they were so pretty when I was twirling yarn for hours. And the D? Trying to put a bundle of yarn through the middle of that was a headache.
The tutorial is pretty straightforward, and I failed to take pictures of the steps (blogger fail due to annoyance) but for a detailed step by step check out this one. Basically it goes like this: start wrapping the yarn, wrap a little more, then a lot more, tie off the end and secure with a little glue. Sounds simple enough, and not that it's actually hard, it's just tedious. That being said, I am really in love with the final product:

Now I have these super cute initials but I have no clue what I'm going to do with them! I guess I didn't think it through too thoroughly. I'm envisioning them either being hung on the wall above our gift table or even setting on the table. I'm more confused, though, about how to make them work together. I think it's because the letters are so close to each other in the alphabet that I'm being thrown off.

Here's a few options I've come up with. In true monogram fashion, I would need to find (and re-wrap...) a larger initial for our last name, and then I could display all three initials like this:
Image via Somewhat Simple
Or, I was thinking of getting hearts and wrapping them in yarn as well, to place between the three letters: 
Image via Woolly Wotnots
I could also implement an ampersand, but that leaves me with an extra letter:
Image via Sarah Ortega

Maybe hang them individually inside a wreath or frame?
Image via Violet Paper Wings

I'm at a loss...so, I'm coming to you for help, Hive!
Option A: Wrap a bigger last name initial, it will be worth it
Option B: Yarn hearts would be perfect
Option C: Ampersand all the way
Option D: Hang individually inside something cute
Option E: You are overthinking this, setting them on table will be fine

OR leave me your suggestions in the comments, anything helps!

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