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Saturday, November 19, 2011

When The Man's Away...

Mr. Honey and I have been fortunate in our relationship that we haven't had to spend many nights apart from each other, much less endure a long distance relationship. While it hardly compares to being in a LDR, I'm currently alone for sixteen long nights while Mr. Honey kayaks with four of his friends in the jungles of Ecuador. This is by far the longest we've spent apart, and while he doesn't have phone service he thankfully emails me daily with updates; usually starting with "I'm Alive", which is appropriate considering the dangerous nature of his adventure.
This is not the purpose of the post, though, for me to whine about being alone. I don't know if it's the fact that I've been alone (aside from my amazing girlfriends who call regularly to see if I need a beer, wine or dinner - or all of the above) but I've managed to become extremely motivated with wedding tasks. It's not that Mr. Honey doesn't want to help contribute or even purposely distracts me from wedding stuff, it's more that when he's chillaxin' on the couch next to me I'd rather chat with him than be sitting in my craft room by myself.
I tend to do things better by myself anyway; like cleaning the house. I'd rather him be gone the whole entire day then to be there getting in my way trying to help vacuum or dust. I have a routine and an end goal in mind, and sometimes it's just easier to do it my way. Control freak? A little bit.
I was reveling in how much I had gotten done in a short few days, and I started to think that how just two weeks prior I had a minor meltdown. I panicked about food, I worried about my mom's dress, I couldn't find a necklace or cardigans and I definitely couldn't imagine seeing the final product that is our invitations. There's just.so.much. Yet here I am, with each of those things checked off the list and feeling rather accomplished. It's easy to get caught up in everything we have to get done, but somehow, someway, things do in fact get done. And, go figure it's usually when you aren't having a bridal meltdown that things happen. It was hard for me to see it all coming together, finishing little pesky tasks, and I had a hard time believing other bees/brides when they would say "It will all come together". Well, here's another bride stating that it does.
In case you missed my hint above, here's a little teaser of something I've been working very diligently on:

That's right, the Honey invites are very near completion and will be getting mailed out next.week! I can't wait to share them, along with everything else I've been crafting/buying/finishing, with you.

Was there a moment when it felt like everything started falling into place? Did it take your significant other leaving to get some things accomplished?

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