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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good

We did it, we finally decided on our food. Yes, we waited until just over two months before our wedding to do so, but it's done. I'm sure you are wondering why in the world we waited so long, especially when we've been engaged for fifteen months now. We've actually known for quite a few months what we would be doing, it just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list, until I couldn't take it anymore- I needed to get this checked off!

Food is very important to Mr. Honey. He really enjoys food he likes; I call it picky, but he doesn't like that word. We both agreed that we wanted it casual, tasty, and plentiful. We love prime rib and roasted chicken as much as the next person but between our budget and the feel we are going for, we knew a simple meal would be more fitting. We tossed around a couple of ideas, looked at some of our catering options in Durango and ultimately decided on BBQ. Enter Serious Texas BBQ.
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We started talking with our neighbor one day a few months back, who happens to be part of the Serious Texas empire and it just made sense that we serve a local staple at our wedding. We are both big fans of Serious Texas BBQ and considering that their pulled pork sandwich was voted the best by Regis & Kelly in 2009, we know our guests (who aren't already addicted!) will agree that it's delicious. Serious Texas offers a variety of smoked meats, divine sauces, and perfect sides. This has the Honey's written all over it.

This past Friday Mr. Honey and I headed to Serious Texas to chow down some Texas Tacos and sip Corona's with the goal of finally figuring out our menu. I was a bad blogger and failed to take any pictures; my fingers were covered in sauce, what can I say!? We met with our neighbor who offered great advice and insight, and told us that we have plenty of time to officially nail down our menu. That's right, he said plenty of time. You see the meat is so freshly smoked that even for a huge order, Serious Texas only needs 24 hour notice to prepare it. While we certainly won't be waiting until the Friday before our big day to place our order, this does allow us to get all the RSVP's in place before submitting the order.

Here's what we loosely decided:
  • 50 pounds of smoked meat spread across pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked sausage. Mr. Honey was sold once he heard "fifty pounds of meat", that my friends, is music to his ears.
  • Beans and to-die-for cheesy potatoes as sides. We are hoping to add a pasta salad as well.
  • A baked potato bar! I'm pretty darn excited about this. Guests can stick with the traditional baked potato with toppings of butter, bacon, chives, sour cream and cheese, or they can go the Serious route and do the loaded Tater which is a potatoes topped with pulled pork and queso.
  • Cherry chipotle and pineapple jalapeno sauces, along with their traditional BBQ sauce will be offered to up the ante of the deliciousness.
  • Buns and tortillas will be available to make sandwiches or Texas Taco's (pulled pork and cheesy potatoes)
I realize I just did a whole post on food without any pictures to back me up so to make up for it, check out this hilarious video appropriately titled the Ultimate Dog Tease.

Now that you are done laughing from the video, would you consider eating BBQ in your wedding dress?! What are you serving at your wedding that you are especially excited for?

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