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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Predictions

In my last post I divulged my crush on Kate Middleton...the woman is going to make a stunnnnnning (did I put enough 'n's in there?!) bride. My inbox has been flooding all week with Royal pictures and the blogging Bees have been making their Royal Predictions, so just for fun, I thought I would make some guesses.

The Dress:
Kate is a fashion icon in the making, I am very envious of her style. I think she will not go the extremely poofy a la' Princess Di route, but will pick something very romantic and classic, definitely accentuating her teeny tiny waist. The rumor mill has been filled with potential designers, but I think Kate will surprise everyone and choose an up-and-comer. I imagine something like this:

{image via aliexpress.com}

The Bridesmaid Dress:

As I understand, she will only have one bridesmaid, her sister, but will have some other children in the party, much like Diana did. I'm torn here; I go back and forth between two colors.
Bold royal blue dress:

{image via weddingnuance.com}

Soft romantic blush dress:

{image via weddingbycolor.com}

I think besides the color she picks, I think the style will mimic her own dress. Be it structured, or flowy, or (unlikely) form fitting.

The Groom:
The Prince and his brother, Harry will obviously be wearing his military garbs, cause even she can't resist her man in uniform:

{image via princeharry.co.uk}

The Flowers:
I predict she will go soft and romantic. Not sure how well this goes with my blue BM dress though...

The Accessories:
I don't think Kate will wear a tiara, it's too expected and traditional for her. I believe she will wear her hair half up/half down with a big beautiful bloom, perhaps a peony or rose to match her bouquet. She is a country girl and this could be her nod to that upbringing.

I think she will sport some of the ridiculously gorgeous jewels she has access to, but they won't be over the top. I think she will focus on pieces that blend with her breathtaking ring.

As much as I'd like to think she would rock a funky hat or birdcage veil, tradition will get the better of her and she'll wear a Cathedral length veil that trails a few feet behind her. Nothing quite as dramatic as Princess Di.

She wears a lot of heels, so I'm thinking she will rock a heel. Maybe in color, but I kind of doubt it. I think they will be classic pumps in a champagne color; but to make them interesting they will be sparkly!

The Cake:
It will be grand...I'm guessing 7 layers. Decorated in blooms to match her bouquet. And I don't even know what a fruit cake is, but it will be that. I also read somewhere that Prince William wants a cookie cake, so that will be included.

{image via preparetowed.com}

The Ceremony:
I'm going with 67 minutes.

I can't wait to see how (in)accurate my predictions are. On the countdown to 1 AM!

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