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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Urban Side

I whined about not being able to afford the photographer of my dreams in my last post, because of (the lack of) money and my best friendor situation. Well sometimes a girl gets lucky enough to have the best of both worlds: a bridesmaid AND a talented photographer.

We are fortunate to have gotten our engagement pictures taken by the amazing BM Candace, as our wedding gift. Since we aren't paying, we gave her full reigns, with a couple requests and suggestions. I think for her it was fun because she got to be uber creative, and for me, well it was my best friend shooting us, need I say more?! I knew we were in for something amazing, because in the days leading up to our first shoot she was sending me Pinterest pictures as inspiration. BM Candace decided that we would do two shoot; an urban influenced shoot and a Colorado inspired shoot.

It was exciting and nerve racking all the same. I've been in a gajillion pictures with BM Candace but never on the other side of her lens. Fortunately I mixed up a batch of Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade to help ease my nerves.
Sweet Tea Vodka

Our first stop was the local Skate Park

Of course Mr. Honey couldn't resist playing a little bit during the shoot!

Then we played in the park and on Mr. Honey's skateboard

We headed to our downtown area just before dusk and the light was incredible! We climbed some stairs and hung out on top of a roof, even though it clearly stated No Trespassing. We are rebels like that.

 The light at dusk and us standing on the roof made for these super unique and fun shots, a la Peter Pan!

The final stop was a bar. Yup, we had some engagement pictures taken in a bar. We were going for classy in a less than classy place, that's urban right?

We had SO much fun and Mr. Honey and I are so happy with them. They reflect US and show our personality through and through. They aren't expected and that's what we love about them. 

Our next shoot was inspired by this picture:

Tell me about your 'off the beaten path' engagement locations, Bees! I want to hear about other fun engagement session locations!

*All pictures by Candace Cross Photography unless otherwise noted

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