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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Best Friendor Dilemma

Usually, the first vendor booked by an engaged couple is the photographer. It's a smart move, insuring the person who will document the biggest moments of your big day is set in stone. Well the Honey's haven't booked a photographer. That's because our preferred photographer is a Friendor (a friend and vendor all rolled into one), but not just any friend and not just any 'ol vendor; she is one of my best friends and also a bridesmaid in our wedding. Hive, meet one of my eight bridesmaids, BM Candace of Candace Cross Photography.
Initially, people are envious our friendor relationship and automatically assume that we get to have her shoot our wedding, I mean she has some serious talent. While I wouldn't trade anything in the world for having her stand next to me at the altar, I will admit I'm jealous of the couples who get to have her document their big day:

I'm spoiled when it comes to wedding photography, because I get to see the amazing work BM Candace does and because I've saturated my mind with photography from wedding blogs. Clearly I want to have my cake and eat it too but the cold, hard truth is that we can't afford the photographers that I want and I'm terrified of paying for a photographer we can afford and receiving sub par photos. I know that sounds ridiculously snobby. Currently, we are trying to figure out how get the drool-worthy photos that I crave at the price our wallet can afford. It's not a fun spot to be because time is ticking. We do have some promising leads as other options for photographers, so I'm not panicking yet.

The silver lining to our dilemma is that BM Candace, of course, does engagement pictures and does a damn good job with them. Stay tuned for our engagement pictures and to see how our photography dilemma pans out!

So hive, who else is using Friendor's for their wedding? Who else feels their expectations far exceed the budget?! I can't be the only one!

*All photos in this post by Candace Cross Photography

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