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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Me & Karina Smirnoff Have in Common

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with her amazing dancing skills or incredible body or mile-long legs...seriously, very unfortunate.


What we do have in common is our wedding date. The professional dancer announced today that she will be getting married on January 21, 2012. 

It's a strange thing, to all of a sudden see your special date plastered all over the 'web as someone else's special date. It's even stranger to see that date knowing it is in the near future...because we know celebs don't typically have long engagements; they have the money and teams to make weddings happen what seems to be overnight. But, as the article says, there is just over seven months to go. While our weddings could not be more opposite: mine in cold Colorado, hers in warm Mexico; my dress simple and fun, her dress big and extravagant...and of course the obvious things like extraordinary food and famous guests, I know have a famous wedding twin.

Oh, and I've talked about my girl crush on the new Duchess of Wales, Kate Middleton...so it's only fitting that I mention that I happened to purchase my dress on the day of her wedding, you know while we are talking about having things in common with famous peeps. It was actually really fun to go try on my dress and talk about the Princess' wedding dress with my bridal consultant, just hours after the most televised wedding e.v.e.r. Good luck? Sure, lets go with it.

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