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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

River Trippin on the Dolores River

In justification of my blog title, So Sweet. So Wild, I figured it was time for poof of that title. I started this blog to document our wedding and get my thoughts on to some sort of a medium, but I have high hopes for my (eventually, our) blog after the big day to document big(ger) adventures.

A lot of the time our life is both sweet and wild, as in the case of this adventure, the Dolores River trip. The Dolores River is a tributary of the Colorado river, normally the river is very low and used mainly for irrigation purposes. The river is dammed by McPhee Reservoir, and a 'fill then spill' policy is used to increase the CFS on the river, only if we have had an excessive rain and snow season. As was the case this year.

We had a group of 9, with 3 rafts and D paddling a canoe. The river was flowing at about 1,000 CFS (cubic feet/second) with much of the stretch we did, 47 miles, being class II rapids. Easy peasy. One rapid, named Snaggletooth, is a class IV or V depending on water lever. We ran it probably at class IV.

Friends on the Rafts

D in his Canoe

D Rowing

Me & D on the Windy River

 Solar Stereo!

 Perfect Day on the Water

The Ladies of the Trip

 Scouting for a Campsite

River trip Outfits are Stylin'

 Campfire on the River

Campfire Games, Bop It

Lots of whiskey and beer was consumed along with a delish dinner of taco salad. River trips are amazing, all day on the water and camping right next to the river...it's like car camping but better. I've mentioned before that D is in his element while on the river...whether it's a kayak, a canoe and someday a raft. To bring this story full circle -ahem- to wedding planning, we will be registering for a raft for our wedding. We will be creating tons of sweet memories on the rivers post wedding.

There ya go, a wild adventure documented from our sweet life.

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  1. This looks SO fun! I need to pay a visit to Colorado soon!