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Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Hangin' Pretty Lil Things

I am struggling over here in wedding planning/deciding land...you'd think I would be struggling with something significant like money or the guest list or what food to serve, but no, I'm struggling with what pretty detailed thing I want to decorate with. That's right I can't decide what I want to hang in our reception space. If you recall, our venue is very blank, so hanging something pretty is a must.

Fabric Bunting:
Image via Pinterest/Photo by Matt Davis Photography

Image via Love and Lavendar/Photo by Lizelle Lotter Photography
I'm very drawn to the bunting; whats not to love about the adorableness of fabric bunting. I fear it might be a little too modern or too country, depending on the fabric chosen, to meet our rustic whimsy feel. Maybe my bridal shower would be the perfect excuse to make some of those little flags!

Pom Pom Garland:
Image via HonestlyWTF

Image via Martha Stewart
When I saw Pom Pom garland I was sold, then I found the Yarn Pom Pom garland and thought it would be a fun substitute to my yarn spheres I'm already doing for the ceremony...both are made out of yarn and could coordinate that way. I'm just a little scared the Yarn Pom Pom could come off too playful instead of the right whimsical touch.

{Snowflake's via Intimate Weddings}

I think an obvious choice to a lot of people would be snowflakes since we are doing a winter wedding. I think they would be pretty, especially if we had a ton of them made out of some shimmery paper. But I'm actually trying to avoid the winter theme in all other aspects of the wedding.
Paper Lanterns:

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Simply Bloom Photography 

Paper Lantern's via Studio Bash

Ohh paper lanterns, in huge quantities these pretty things make the perfect statement. However two of the wedding's I've attended lately have used paper lanterns so I'm thinking this might be too expected.


Image via Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Natalie Shelton

Image via Southern Weddings/Photo by Nate Henderson
The ribbon concept is new to me and I'm swooning over the images. I love the unfinished edges and the multiple patterns. Added bonus,it's so simple; cut and tie and done!
Yarn Spheres:
The other possibility is the yarn spheres, which I have already decided we will be decorating our ceremony arch with:

Image via Ruche
I can't explain why I love these spheres so much but I do. I think of all the ideas, this encompasses my vision the most and ties in so perfectly. The sphere shape hanging so delicately screams whispers whimsical while the natural yarn material hands itself to the rustic vibe.
How's a bride to choose from all the pretty options?! Tell me hive, what pretty little thing will you be hanging at your wedding?

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